Abundant in unique features, ProProfs Knowledge base facilitates seamless team collaboration, easy knowledge sharing, and uninterrupted self-help experience. Whatever your skill level, industry, or company size, this tool is the right fit for creating a knowledge base, documentation, wikis, FAQs, and more.

ProProfs Knowledge Base starts at $0 (forever free plan) and enables you to craft delightful self-help experiences for your employees and customers.

Feature Comparison Between

ProProfs Knowledge Base & Atlassian Confluence
ProProfs knowledge base, best confluence alternatives
Atlassian Confluence
Starts at
Starts at
Free Hosting
(World-class hosting on AWS)
Designed For
Small and large teams
Installation & IT Support
Not required
Not required
Content Authoring
Ready-to-Use Templates
(20+ professionally designed templates)
WYSIWYG editor
Single Sourcing
Import Content
Multiple Authors
Branding & Customization
User Management
Security & Restrictions
User Experiences
Reports & Analytics
Software Updates
Coding & Customization Knowledge
24x7 Support

Why Choose ProProfs?

  • update the knowledge base content
    One-Click Universal Content Update

    Publish a page or a piece of text at multiple locations and update it across your knowledge base pages or sites in a single click.

  • Assign role and responsibilities in knowledge base
    Display Content to Only Authorized Users

    Apply conditional logic to different sections of your content and control what should be displayed and hidden for specific user groups.

  • Add contextual help to your knowledge base
    Simplify Technical Terms

    Add tooltips, lightboxes, and popups to explain complicated concepts and jargon, and to provide additional information wherever necessary.

  • Give different branding styles to your help site
    Multi-Branding For a Single Site

    Give different branding styles to your help site without changing the content.

  • Create a custom domain for your help site
    Create a Custom Domain

    Set up a custom domain for your help site and give it a unique identity. You can remove it anytime you want.

  • Add custom status of knowledge base content
    Add Custom Status

    Allow your teams to add custom status to articles. This is useful in situations where writers and editors need assistance or contribution from a specific individual.

A few more Atlassian Confluence alternatives for you:

1. Tettra
Tettra knowledge base software

Tettra is a cloud-based tool best suited for creating an internal knowledge base. You can document important business processes and policies on a centralized platform that can then be used for employee onboarding and training. The tool is noted for its stellar features like templates, simple page editor, rights and permissions, and a smart search system. One critical aspect of this confluence alternative is that it teams well with Google Docs, GitHub, Dropbox, and Zapier.

Pricing: Starts at $99/10 users/month
2. HelpCrunch
HelpCrunch Knowledge Base

An all-in-one customer communication platform, HelpCrunch, is perfect for providing multi-channel, 24x7 customer support. Easy to use and customize, the tool helps you with content authoring, structuring, customization, and SEO optimization. This Atlassian Confluence alternative is still in the growth stage and will soon be coming up with advanced features.

Pricing: Starts at $12/user/month
3. Bitrix24
Bitrix24, an alternative to Atlassian Confluence

Bitrix24 provides a holistic solution for team management, collaboration, and communication. Its feature set comprises access permissions, navigation search, ready-made templates, visual schemes, import, export, and many more. Leverage this tool to streamline knowledge management and make knowledge sharing easy for employees. Creating and managing documentation is a breeze with this Atlassian Confluence alternative.

Pricing: Starts at $19/2 users/month
4. Freshdesk
Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Freshdesk’s AI-powered knowledge base software helps you deliver compelling self-service experiences to your customers. A scalable content management system, automate with Answerbots, create content in over 42 languages, and scale your knowledge base as you grow - all of this is possible with Freshdesk. Coding expert or not, you can still use this Atlassian Confluence alternative to create a customized knowledge base for your audience.

Pricing: Starts at $13.60/agent/month
5. Zoho Wiki
Zoho Wiki best alternative to Atlassian Confluence

Zoho Wiki, an easy to use, cloud-based knowledge base tool, is perfect for creating a wiki for your internal teams. Build workspaces and customize them with a simple online editor, assign users, and set access controls. This Atlassian Confluence alternative is best suited for knowledge management requirements of small teams, HR professionals, and educators.

Pricing: Starts at $2.20/user/month

That was all about Atlassian Confluence alternatives. To make the right pick, identify your requirements, target audience, and have a clear objective. In case you are still unsure which of these is the best knowledge base software, give us a call at our toll-free number (855) 776-7763 and one of our human support team will make your job easier.

What Our Customers Say

  • Judy Hutchison ProProfs made it super easy for us to create individual sites for our software offerings.

    Judy Hutchison, Systems Director, RightAnswer.com

  • Bob Bednarz The support has been solid. Issues are always resolved within 24-48 hours.

    Bob Bednarz, Learning & Development Manager, Smokeball

  • Ray Rawles Proprofs customer service continues to impress us with every interaction.

    Ray Rawles, Help desk Analyst Supervisor, Department of Revenue

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