Founded in the early 1940s, Duracell is a globally-renowned power brand that is popular for compact and long-lasting batteries. We are the leading manufacturer of powerful alkaline batteries, specialty cells, and rechargeables. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation has helped us craft a successful journey so far. On average, 63 Duracell products are sold every second across the globe, which proves our wide reach and immense popularity. Our quality assurance exceeds ISO 9000 standard, proving that Duracell products go through rigorous testing to ensure excellent performance.



We had launched a cloud storage service named Duracell Cloud to compete with brands like Dropbox, Google, and Amazon. Our aim was to allow customers to access their files remotely from any internet-connected device, such as a tablet or smartphone. For this, we needed a centralized knowledge base that our customers could access to get technical information on how to implement their new cloud storage devices.


Using ProProfs Knowledge Base, we were able to sign up and start building our documentation with no technical resources required. Writing, designing, and organizing the content of documentation was literally a breeze with ProProfs. ProProfs also helped us in multiple user collaboration and concurrent authoring that made the overall process of creating online documentation even easier.


We were able to quickly launch our documentation with the help of ProProfs Knowledge Base software. As our cloud products continue to grow and expand, so will our documentation.

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