Create a Centralized Information Center

Provide more knowledge in less time

Educate your employees about your firm, its vision, and mission, policies, and functions, etc., by creating a centralized and easily accessible employee handbook. Build web-based handbooks effortlessly using an employee handbook template. Keep your workforce updated on your company's policies, vision and mission. Create a steep learning curve for your employees as they acquire more knowledge in less time.

  • Provide centralized access to information
  • Keep you workforce updated
  • Create a steep learning curve

Keep it Professional & Beautiful

Select from a variety of fonts and themes

Let your employee handbook reflect your brand image. Choose from a variety of fonts and themes to design your online handbook. Use our white-labeled template to create an impressive handbook with company's logo and brand name. Make your content appealing to read.

  • Choose the right themes and fonts
  • Include your company's logo and brand name
  • Give a professional look to your handbook

Provide On-The-Go Access

Ensure compatibility with multiple devices

Online employee handbooks

Offer learning on-the-go to your employees with a professional looking employee handbook. Let them access it anytime and from any device including mobiles and tablets. Use the world’s best employee handbook software to create a handy web-based guidebook for your workforce. Boost interactions between peers and create a positive learning atmosphere.

  • Facilitate anytime, anywhere accessiblity
  • Enable on-the-go learning
  • Provide accessibility on multiple devices

Enhance the Security of Your Employee Handbook

Keep critical information confidential

Use conditional content rules to make a page, a paragraph or even a folder accesible to specific users based on custom rules. Manage IP access and make your web-based guidebook private to tighten security. Use member manager to create and manage groups. Grant edit and access rights and revoke them anytime you want.

  • Create rules easily
  • Grant or revoke access based on roles
  • Increase security of crucial information
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