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Why create online HR documentation?

Create web-based HR documentation to make it easy for your human resources team to track the performance of your employees, their work progress, salaries drawn by them, previous employment-related events or details about upcoming events, etc. This ensures that the HR team does not have to go through piles of files to get information as they can quickly refer to the online HR documentation to find data at any time and from any device. A searchable web-based HR documentation is a boon for your business as your HR department can search for information using the Google-like search bar and get instant results.

How to improve your HR documentation?

Update the HR document regularly to make sure that no important data is missed out. Knowledge Base software by ProProfs enables you to provide relevant page and content-related suggestions to your readers, making your document highly-searchable. Provide contextual help wherever necessary to explain HR-related jargons for easy understanding of readers.

How is an ideal HR documentation like?

An ideal HR documentation should be web-based so that users can access it 24*7 to find information. It should be compatible with multiple devices, especially mobile phones to provide on-the-go access. Next, it should have an intuitive user interface for seamless and smooth browsing. A suitable HR documentation is not limited to plain text. It has images and videos to support the content and make the otherwise monotonous document interesting to read. Also, professionally packaging a document helps in retaining the interest of readers. An ideal HR documentation should be designed using the right theme and font to make it eye-catching, attractive and interesting to read.

How to use HR documentation template?

With a carefully-built HR documentation template, you can have your online HR document up and running in just a few minutes. All you have to do is replace the placeholder information of template, with your content. You can either write from scratch or upload content from existing files right into the frame, to get started. Customize and brand your document by choosing from a wide array of fonts and themes. The template will also help you upload images and videos easily. The HR templates are easy to use and provide a basic outline for creating effective HR documentation.

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