ServiceSource (NASDAQ: SREV) is the global leader in cloud-based recurring revenue management solutions. Since our inception, we have been working with the vision to transform the B2B digital customer journey experience. We aim to bring brands closer to their customers through our digitally-enabled and data-driven solutions. Dedication, collaboration, trust, and care are the core values that define our brand. With over 11 revenue delivery centers across the globe and a 3000+ employee base, we are pulling all stops to help organizations maximize their recurring revenue.


We needed a comprehensive knowledge base, more like a help site where our users could quickly and easily find information on how to perform sales, operations, and management tasks in Renew OnDemand. For that, we required a versatile knowledge base tool.


ProProfs Knowledge Base came across as the right fit. We can now publish updates to our help website in real-time without waiting for a release or relying on engineering support. Our users have access to the most up-to-date information. Each page now has a direct URL, and this makes it convenient for users to share pages and send direct links to new hires. ProProfs Knowledge Base made it easy for us to generate a PDF of the entire help site, which was a requirement for some of our clients. The easy authoring environment created a short learning curve for new team members, as well as minimal overhead for the publishing process.


Our team loves how easy writing and managing content has become, thanks to ProProfs Knowledge Base. When creating a new page, adding a screenshot is as easy as copying the image and pasting it. Our non-technical writers found the tool extremely easy to use. The 'feedback and rating' is an excellent feature to add survey forms at the bottom of each page and get insights into the quality of our documentation. Our customers love the effortless search experience offered by ProProfs.


We Believe Software Should Make You Happy

We are building a 100-year company with awesome human support

We are building a 100-year company with a mission to DELIGHT customers. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat, and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support & building delightful software, we go the distance - try it, and you will love it.

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