What is a Self-Service Help Center

A self-service help center (also known as self-service portal) is an online support center built by an organization to supply its customer base with consistent and accurate product/service information so that they can resolve their own queries. With a well-developed support center, customers can solve their problems anytime of the day on their own. Typically, savvy businesses use a help center software to create a knowledge repository of instructional articles, FAQs, how-to-videos (which are common self-service support tools) to provide stellar customer service.

Self-service support is on the rise - customers want it and support team need it. According to Forrester, about 70% of consumers prefer self-service option to resolve their support issues than calling or sending an email. Read More: Key things you should know about a Self-service knowledgebase

Delight Customers & Reduce Support Costs

Leverage the power of a seamless self-service portal

With ProProfs Knowledge Base, you can create a self-service help center- a place where your customers can find instant answers to frequently asked questions. The online help center serves as a secure web-based platform where customers can get information about your products and services, on their own. While this saves your customers from calling or raising tickets about the same issues again and again, it also means less support workload and costs for you.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Reduce tickets & support costs
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Easily share tutorials, FAQs etc
  • tick Knowledgebase tick No programming or setup required
Reduce tickets & support costs with self service knowledge base

Onboard Customers Faster

Provide customers the right answers at the right time.
Onboard Customers Faster

The key to onboard new customers faster is providing quick answers to the many questions they have about your service or product. You can always create an FAQ or build a help center to offer proactive answers to common questions. But the secret of faster customer onboarding is context-sensitive help, which includes in-app tooltips, popups and lightboxes. You can use them to offer customers guided tours of your product, website or mobile app.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Embed tooltips in your product
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Include proactive popups in your app
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Explain complex terms with lightboxes

Customized Customer Support Portals

Design beautiful FAQs. Customize with CSS & HTML.

With ProProfs , you can create multiple brands for a single site. Which means that you can instantly create a new help center with the same content but different design. You can change the colors and theme to match the profiles of the customers who are accessing the help center. With ProProfs Help Centre Software, you can make changes in the headers, add banners and build the best help centers within minutes. Those looking to dig deeper can also customize the CSS and HTML.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Change headers & banners at a click
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Pre-made themes & design elements
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Customize using CSS and HTML

Different Content for Different Customers

Control access to content with permissions and conditional rules
Different Content for Different Customers

With ProProfs you get full access control, which lets you decide who can view what; in your help center. Creating an internal help center, just for your agents is also possible. You can keep certain documentation private and only viewable to selected few, while keeping the rest public. You can also set conditional rules which make your help center’s content inaccessible from certain regions, IP addresses, devices etc. This helps you automatically control what a customer can or cannot see.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Manage user roles & permissions
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Control access to private pages
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Create conditional rule sets

Create Help Centers that’s Always Within Reach

Offer 24/7 support to partners on the web or mobile

ProProfs ensures that your help center is compatible with all mobile devices and browsers including iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS and more. With a mobile and Google-friendly help center you can deliver 24/7 support to customers allowing them to find helpful information, whenever they need it.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Multiple devices & OS support
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Easily update help center content
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Optimize for search engines

We Believe Software Should Make You Happy

We are building a 100-year company with awesome human support

We are building a 100-year company with a mission to DELIGHT customers. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat, and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support & building delightful software, we go the distance - try it, and you will love it.


  • The errors made while processing orders reduced significantly, thanks to ProProfs.
    We significantly reduced errors in every order, thanks to the centralised source of information we created using Proprofs knowledge base software.
    Tom Michael Dela Cruz
    Tom Michael Dela Cruz,

    Training Specialist, The Studio Technologies Inc.

  • Our knowledge base has exploded to over 200 useful articles full of relevant data, documentation, images and video.
    WithProprofs, we’ve had an explosion in data available in just a few months, our knowledge base has exploded to over 200 useful articles full of relevant data, documentation, image and video.
    Trever Ehrlich
    Trever Ehrlich,

    Creative Solutions Manager, Kenco Logistics

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Digital Best
American Business Award
Rising Star
Knowledge Management Software
Crozdesk Leader
Brandon Hall
Crozdesk Happiest User
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