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About This Template

Why put your technical documentation online?

Creating online technical documentation means that your customers can search for and browse your documentation and find the information they need to know about your product or service. Customers will be delighted that they can easily access information anytime, anywhere, and on any device without going through your customer support help desk or ticketing system. Clients will be happier with online technical documentation, and your help desk will be more efficient because they’ll have a resource to point customers to for an easy explanation of technical details.

What makes online technical documentation better?

Customers prefer self-service online technical documentation that they can access on their own schedule. Surveys show that online technical documentation increases customer satisfaction. You can control access to your online technical documentation or leave it open to the public. Online technical documentation can be updated constantly, so your customers are never at risk of accessing outdated information from previous versions.

Add context-sensitive help to your website

ProProfs Knowledge Base offers the option to create context-sensitive help, which means you can make your online documentation available exactly when and where customers need it most. Instantly and easily help clients find answers, tools, and tips they need with contextual help.

How to use this template

You can get started with this template and just add your own company branding and color scheme. We have created the basic outline for technical documentation, and you can easily add your own sections, articles, and resources. Upload entire PDFs, documents, and videos to give customers full online access to all of your product information and documentation.

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