What Is Internal Knowledge Base Software?

Internal knowledge base software helps you build an online knowledge repository where critical information related to your work processes, projects, policies, and much more can be securely stored and accessed.

Your employees can come together under one roof to create, design, and publish content for everyone in the organization. With seamless search, quick navigation, flexible roles, and permissions, an internal help center is all you need to boost team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

What Is Internal Knowledge Base Software?

Easily Create an Internal Knowledge Base in 4 Simple Steps


Pick a Template


Write or Import Content


Customize as You Want


Publish in a Click

Pick a Template

Pick a Template

Select a suitable template for an internal knowledge base, add your brand name and logo, and get started.

Write or Import Content

Write or Import Content

Create content from the ground up with our MS Word-like editor. Import existing files to your internal knowledge base to expedite the process.

Customize as You Want

Customize as You Want

Customize the internal knowledge base with your favorite fonts, colors, and themes.

Publish in a Click

Publish in a Click

Review the content and go live with a click.

Benefits of an Internal Knowledge Base

Failing to share company knowledge with employees can cost you heavily in the form of reduced productivity and poor performance. Internal knowledge base software can be a savior. Here are some of the major benefits it provides.

Centralizes your company information with internal knowledge base

Centralizes Company Information

As you grow, your employee base and knowledge pool expand. This information can easily get scattered across folders, documents, and emails.

An internal knowledge base software provides a secure home for your company information where it can grow and be of use to your employees. Centralized access to information streamlines work and improves employee performance.

Improve team collaboration with internal knowledge base

Promotes Team Collaboration

Bring different employees and teams on board, assign them relevant roles, and let them work in sync to produce quality content.

While some employees can work as editors, others can focus on the research and writing part. Be clear with the roles and responsibilities of each member and keep confusion at bay.

Improve employee onboarding with Internal knowledge base

Speeds up New Hire Onboarding

An internal knowledge base acts as a buddy that guides new employees right from day one, helping them get up to speed faster. Employees quickly get familiar with your company culture, policies, mission and vision, clients, and more.
Repetitive questions are reduced to a minimum and turn new employees into high performers in less time.

Increases employee productivity by using internal knowledge base

Increases Employee Productivity

Employees waste an inordinate amount of time searching for information and solving problems that their peers have already dealt with.

An internal knowledge base software gives them the knowledge and wisdom they need to stay productive and make informed work decisions.

Key Features of Our Internal Knowledge Base

  • Easy document editor Easy Document Editor

    Write, edit, and upload content easily. Choose from basic or advanced formatting options to style your content.

  • Assign roles and permissions in internal knowledge base Roles & Permissions

    Boost collaboration among employees by assigning separate roles to different teams.

  • Actionable insightful internal knowledge base reports Insightful Reports

    Know what your employees are searching for. Analyze search patterns and improve results.

  • View and manage your internal knowledge base anywhere Anytime, Anywhere Access

    View and manage your internal company knowledge base on laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

  • Customized internal knowledge base Customize & Brand

    Brand your help site with customized fonts, colors, logos & more.

  • Centralize Documents Centralize Documents

    Centrally access company documents, manuals & more.

How Can an Internal Knowledge Base Improve Your Customer Support Process

Internal knowledge base improves  agent efficiency
Improves Agent Efficiency

An internal KB equips agents with instant access to valuable information, helping them answer customer questions quickly and confidently. No more wasting time on emails and endless document searches.

Internal knowledge base helps new agents to speed support process
Brings New Agents up to Speed

New agents can use your internal knowledge base to get up to speed with your support process and start taking up customer requests. Quick access to information makes them more confident during customer interactions.

Reduces customer wait time with internal knowledge base software
Reduces Customer Wait Time

A comprehensive internal company knowledge base makes it easy for agents to get the right information at the right time. This leads to faster resolution and a shorter wait time for customers.

What Makes ProProfs One of the Best Internal Knowledge Base Tools?

40+ ready to use internal knowledge base templates
40+ Ready-to-Use Templates

Our stack of 40+ templates is carefully designed to make the process of creating a team knowledge base easier and faster. Choose your favorite template and get started.

Modern customization features in internal knowledge base
Fully Customizable

Our modern customization features allow you to change the look and feel of your knowledge base completely. Give a 360-degree turn to your knowledge base by changing its structure, layout, fonts, themes, colors, and more.

Edit easily your internal knowledge base
Easy Editing, Import & Export

Pen down your thoughts using our simple MS Word-like editor. Import word docs, PDFs, PPTs, and content from other file formats to your knowledge base to speed up the process. You can even export the knowledge base and create a backup as HTML or PDF.

Role-Specific access control in internal knowledge base content
Role-Specific Access Control

Our flexible roles and permissions allow you to take full control of who can view, edit and manage your employee knowledge base. Assign roles like administrator, viewer, contributor, and editor to users and teams. Grant or revoke knowledge base access any time you want.

Seamless internal knowledge base Integration
Power-Packed Integrations

There are over 20 third-party integrations to boost your overall experience of knowledge management and internal team communication. Leverage these integrations to enhance your knowledge base and take employee experience to the next level.

Transparent pricing structure of ProProfs Knowledge base
Honest, Simple Pricing

We have a simple and transparent pricing structure that fits your needs. Choose a package or upgrade to a premium plan and know the exact expenses then and there. There are no hidden costs to surprise you later.


Trever Ehrlich

Trever Ehrlich, Creative Solutions Manager, Kenco Logistics

“Our knowledge base has exploded to over 200 useful articles full of relevant data, documentation, images and video.”

Bill Wisell

Bill Wisell, Health Licensing Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Human and Health Services

“ProProfs support is one of the best I have experienced. They truly care about their customers and deliver resolutions fast.”

Professor Daniel Stein

Professor Daniel Stein, Director of Technology Initiatives, Touro College.

“I love ProProfs user experience. The interface is easy to use yet packed with powerful settings.”

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