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Why put your project documentation online?

Putting your project documentation online brings in more efficiency and effectiveness in your projects. Without a shadow of a doubt, web-based documentation saves you a lot of time and at the same time helps you execute projects effortlessly. Detailing out every aspect of your project is crucial so that you can find information whenever you need it, without going from pillar to post. With a project management documentation template, you can place information easily and instantly. Also, you can access it anytime and from any device and get answers to any questions related to your project within seconds.

What makes your project documentation better?

Enhance the performance of your web-based project documentation by including images, infographics, and videos that support the content and provide a better understanding to readers. Use a project documentation sample template to get started. You will find a pool of pre-made themes, designs and fonts to choose from in order to package your documentation in the best way possible. Keep updating the document with the latest project details to keep members aware of the project status.

Collaborate with teams easily

Collaboration becomes a task if teams are spread across geographies. The best way to ensure that everyone is on the same page is through web-based project documentation. You will find various project documentation examples that have proved instrumental in helping teams work cohesively. Control who can view or edit documents by granting or revoking access. The revision history feature provides a track record of previous changes to make project monitoring easy for members.

How to use this template?

Project documentation template is quite easy to use. All you have to do is place the information in the format and design it in your way. You can also use your logo to give the document a unique identity. Choose the theme and font of your choice such that it gels well with the content. The template provides a basic outline. You just need to replace the placeholder information with the content you have created. If you have existing files in other formats, you can upload them quickly in this template.

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