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10 Best Document360 Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

Document360 is a leading knowledge base software with a client base that’s spread across the globe. 

By employing this software, you can foster customer self-service with a public help center and boost team collaboration with a private knowledge base. 

Despite being a popular tool, Document360 is not the first choice of many businesses. Expensive subscription plans and a lack of template options are some serious drawbacks that make users look for better-performing Document360 alternatives. 

If you are also sailing in the same boat, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world! 

We are here to provide all the help you need. 

In this blog, we have put together a list of the top 10 Document360 alternatives that will help you craft delightful experiences for your customers and employees. 

Let’s go!

What Is Document360 Knowledge Base? 

Document360 is a popular knowledge base software designed for growing companies. The tool can spearhead your customer self-service and internal knowledge management endeavors with its extraordinary features. Using a state-of-the-art editor and category manager, you can build a structured knowledge platform for your customers and employees. 

Document360 supports content localization in multiple languages and advanced customization to give your knowledge base a unique look and feel. In addition, the tool is well-equipped with a strong search system, robust integrations, and SEO capabilities. 

Choose it for: Product help docs, internal knowledge base, standard operating procedures

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Why Look for Document360 Alternatives? 

If you are an existing user of Document360, you might have a pretty good idea of its strengths as well as weaknesses. But, if you are a new user or still in the consideration stage, we are here to guide you through some of the flaws of this tool. 

1. Expensive Subscription Plans

Cost is a major issue companies face with Document360. The tool’s starting price is $99/month for a single project (knowledge base). At this price, you get just 5 team accounts (owner or editor). For every additional team account, you have to pay an additional $19, which ramps up the overall price of the tool.

2. Lacks Knowledge Base Templates

Ready-made knowledge base templates simplify the process of creating content, and that’s why it’s a crucial feature. Document360 doesn’t offer much variety when it comes to templates, which can be a turn-off for most businesses. 

3. Doesn’t Provide In-App Notifications

If you are looking for a tool that keeps users informed of recent updates made to articles, Document360 can prove to be disappointing. There is no way you can notify users of article changes.

The Features Document360 Alternatives Must Have 

There is tough competition among Document360 competitors, with each tool painting a promising picture out there. While different tools will have different features, there are some functionalities that are a must-have. 

Here we will look at the key features and functions that every Document360 knowledge base alternative should offer. 

1. Ready-Made Templates

Templates do all the groundwork so you can focus on doing what really matters – creating content for your knowledge base. The best alternatives to Document360 should provide expert-designed templates that help you get started right away. 

2. In-Depth Reports

Detailed reports help you gauge article performance and user engagement. They also provide keen insights into the specific areas of your knowledge base that need improvement. 

3. Public/Private

This is a crucial feature that the best Document360 alternatives should be equipped with. This feature allows you to create both public and private knowledge bases for your customers and employees, respectively. 

4. User Access Controls

The alternatives to Document360 should offer a user management and access control system. This is a crucial feature that fosters collaboration in teams and lets them work in sync to produce flawless documents. 

5. Third-Party Integrations

External integrations showcase the worth of a tool and how easily it teams up with leading platforms like Zendesk, Google Analytics, etc. The best alternatives to Document360 should offer easy integrations with popular tools.

Our Selection Criteria for Document360 Alternatives 

We understand that finding the best alternative to Document360 knowledge base is not an easy feat. After scouring several product websites and review platforms, we collated the list of the top Document360 alternatives. 

Here are the criteria we followed to ensure only the best tools find their way into this list. 

Core Knowledge Base Features

All alternatives of Document360 should offer core knowledge base features such as built-in reports, text editor, and customizations. 

Listed on Top Review Platforms

Document360 alternatives should be listed on the leading review sites such as Capterra, G2, and GetApp. 

Minimum 10 User Reviews

All alternatives to Document360 should have a minimum of 10 user reviews on the above-mentioned platforms. Honest reviews from real people are the best source of information about a tool’s effectiveness. 

10 Best Document360 Knowledge Base Alternatives for 2023

Finding the perfect fit in the sea of tools available on the market is a humongous task. This carefully-curated list of the top 10 alternatives to Document360 will provide you with all the help you need. 

1. ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge Base is the best alternative to Document360, it offers the perfect blend of simplicity, versatility, and affordability. Easy to set up and fully customizable, this software helps you create public and private knowledge bases, help centers, and documentation for your customers and employees. 

The tool’s Expert-designed templates, along with a rich authoring system, make content creation an effortless process. You can also measure content performance using actionable reports and make your knowledge base accessible across devices. 

Key Features: 

  • Control user access with roles and permissions
  • Monitor knowledge base performance with built-in reports
  • Create compelling content using an MS Word-like editor 
  • Customize the content with your preferred colors, fonts, and themes.
  • Optimize your knowledge base for SEO and increase website traffic
  • Ready to use knowledge base and user guide templates

Choose it for: Customer self-service, comprehensive reports, ease of use

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $30/author/month

2. Zendesk 

Zendesk is a popular customer service software

Zendesk is a popular customer service software that provides an all-in-one solution including CRM, ticketing, as well as knowledge base software. The tool’s knowledge base solution is popularly known as Zendesk Guide, which helps you create a fully customized help center that appeals to your target audience. 

You can translate the content into over 40 languages to serve your customers spread across the globe. Furthermore, ticket resolution is a breeze with instant AI-powered article recommendations. 

Key Features: 

  • Use customizable themes to build a brand-aligned help center
  • Identify what content works best and what needs improvement
  • Provide instant and contextual self-service inside your product or website
  • Create and update reusable content across all articles 
  • Localize your help center content in your customers’ preferred language
  • Predestined knowledge base and operational manual templates


  • Integrates seamlessly with the Zendesk suite of tools
  • Track article versions and keep a close eye on content updates


  • Expensive for small businesses with a tight budget 
  • Doesn’t offer advanced features for internal knowledge management 

Choose it for: Team publishing, AI-powered article recommendations, Content localization

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $49/agent/month 

3. Confluence

Confluence one of the Document 360 alternatives

If you are looking for software cheaper than Document360, Confluence can be a remarkable choice. Designed primarily for internal knowledge management, this tool helps you build a remote-friendly workspace for your employees. The tool’s ready-made range of templates and intuitive structure aid in the systematic organization of content. 

In addition, Confluence offers project collaboration features like timelines to give you a complete overview of all tasks. Your team can also comment on articles and stay on top of all changes through notifications

Key Features: 

  • Use customizable templates to create meeting docs, reports, etc. 
  • Boost collaboration with comments and notifications 
  • Allow teams to co-edit articles in real-time
  • Set permission settings to allow or restrict access to sensitive content
  • Track article changes and compares versions 


  • Track in-progress work and stay on top of all activities with a personalized feed
  • Provides a free plan for up to 10 users 


  • Mobile version could use improvement
  • Navigation and formatting options can be improved

Choose it for: Internal knowledge management, project collaboration

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $5.50/user/month

4. GetGuru

GetGuru is another promising Document360 alternative

GetGuru is another promising Document360 alternative that blends well into your workflow and helps you build a collaborative, streamlined workspace. The tool allows you to bring all scattered information together under a single roof, where it can be organized in Collections and Boards for easier access. 

Its simple editor, along with powerful customizations and a robust reporting system, help you create, personalize, and track the performance of your content. Regardless of the browsers your team uses, Guru allows teams to capture and save information anytime, anywhere. 

Key Features: 

  • Build custom knowledge triggers to keep your team updated
  • Provide relevant article suggestions right inside the chat tools
  • Identify duplicate content and keep your knowledge base clean
  • Monitor and improve knowledge base performance with AI-backed suggestions
  • Organize content in Collections, Boards, and Cards 


  • Capture knowledge from Slack and save it directly to Guru
  • Simple content organization system 


  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Lacks advanced card editing capabilities

Choose it for: Company wiki, browser extensions, Slack integration

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $5/user/month

5. Bloomfire

Bloomfire can be a good option to consider as an alternative for Document360

If knowledge silos and team collaboration are your major concerns, Bloomfire can be a good alternative to Document360. This knowledge management software makes creating, sharing, and collaborating on your company’s knowledge a super easy process. With automated tagging and customizable filters, knowledge can be served up instantly to employees. 

This Document360 alternative comes with a rich publishing system to help you publish content in the format of your choice – images, videos, audio, charts, text, etc.  

Key Features: 

  • Monitor user engagement and spot knowledge gaps with built-in analytics
  • Tailor your knowledge platform using white labeling and custom branding
  • Foster collaboration by allowing users to like and comment on articles
  • Deliver relevant content results with AI-powered search
  • Keep your content secure with strong backup and data encryption


  • AI-powered search and automated content tagging
  • Build personalized feed relevant to your specific requirements 


  • Limited external integrations 
  • Some features require the support of HTML tools which can be inconvenient

Choose it for: Internal knowledge management, AI-powered search, personalized feeds

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Contact the company for a quote

6. Notion 

Notion is a simple and affordable tool that helps you build a unified workspace for your teams

Notion is a simple and affordable tool that helps you build a unified workspace for your teams. By bringing all scattered company knowledge on a centralized dashboard, the tool fosters collaboration, transparency, and productivity across departments. 

Notion can be customized to your needs with simple drag and drop. Whether you are an individual worker or managing a large team, you can use Notion to bring clarity to your docs and projects. In addition, you also get access to community-made templates and integrations. 

Key Features: 

  • Kickstart the documentation process quickly with ready-made templates
  • Organize your workspace with simple drag and drop
  • Help teams work together with collaborative editing and comments
  • Set advanced permissions to control content access
  • Manage tasks and projects using Gantt Chart and Kanban Board


  • Custom Gantt and Kanban board
  • Offers a fully-functional mobile app


  • Search, and navigation needs improvement
  • The tool can be slow at times 

Choose it for: Unified workspace, project management capabilities

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $4/month

7. Archbee

Archbee - as one of the best Document360 alternative

Archbee is one of the best document360 alternatives that can help you to create technical documentation with markdown editing. With over 30 custom blocks, you can build documentation that looks and feels amazing. Each space in Archbee comes with a tree structure that helps you collect and store information with ease. 

As one of the best Document360 alternatives, Archbee offers flexible search, an easy-to-manage version control system, and impeccable access control settings. So, whether you need documentation for your customers or team, Archbee can work both ways. 

Key Features: 

  • Drag and drop folders to keep your documentation organized
  • Author content effortlessly with Markdown editor
  • Password-protect documents for enhanced security
  • Get access to infinite document history
  • Deliver accurate results with the tool’s blazing-fast search


  • Link all information together using a knowledge graph 
  • Robust third-party integrations


  • Doesn’t offer a mobile app
  • Limited number of templates

Choose it for: Technical documentation, knowledge graph, drag and drop categories

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $30/month

8. Nuclino

Nuclino one of Document360 alternative

Nuclino is your company’s collective brain that ensures that employees have the right information at their disposal whenever they need it. This Document360 alternative gives all your projects, ideas, and knowledge a centralized home. Employees can collaborate in real-time and keep a firm track of all changes made to documents. 

Nuclino’s clean and intuitive interface, project management capabilities, and constantly growing list of integrations make it a worthwhile tool to invest in. 

Key Features:

  • Allow teams to co-edit articles and track changes in real-time
  • Manage tasks and projects using the Board view
  • Organize information in workspaces and collections
  • Auto-save changes and syncs them across devices
  • Use images and videos to build interactive content


  • Visualize work using lists, tables, graphs, and board view
  • Use the Nuclino mobile app to provide on-the-go information access


  • External integrations can be improved
  • Nuclino is not ideal for complex projects and documentation

Choose it for: Real-time collaboration, private workspaces, workflow visualization

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $5/user/month

9. KnowledgeOwl

KnowledgeOwl is an essential tool for internal knowledge management and software documentation.

KnowledgeOwl is an essential tool for internal knowledge management and software documentation. Simple, clean, and fuss-free, KnowledgeOwl removes all complications from the document creation process and brings in more transparency. With its WYSIWYG editor, time-tested themes, and layouts, you can get a customized knowledge base off the ground in minutes. 

Comments and ratings by readers help to identify useful articles and spot those that need immediate improvement. In addition, the tool’s integration with popular software and services makes it a lucrative Document360 alternative. 

Key Features:

  • Create content quickly with WYSIWYG editor
  • Set article status to control visibility and workflow
  • Reorganize categories with simple drag and drop
  • Capture feedback on articles using thumbs up/down or 5-star rating system
  • Get notified when readers add comments to articles


  • Upload unlimited files and images
  • Solid customer support


  • Expensive for small businesses with a tight budget
  • Lacks ready-to-use templates

Choose it for: Custom branding, contextual help widget, Smart search

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts from $79/month

10. HelpDocs

HelpDocs is another knowledge base software like Document360

HelpDocs is another knowledge base software like Document360 that deserves your attention. With a custom text editor and SEO-focused templates, you can get your knowledge base off the ground in no time. Accessing information is a matter of milliseconds with the tool’s typo-tolerant and blazing-fast search. 

HelpDocs can be fully customized to fit your company’s branding, and you can even drag and drop categories to keep your knowledge base neat and organized. 

Key Features: 

  • Customize your knowledge base using CSS and HTML
  • Start building content quickly with SEO-focused templates
  • Monitor article performance and knowledge base traffic
  • Add, manage, and scale users to increase collaboration
  • Find information quickly with smart, typo-tolerant search


  • Easy to set up and launch
  • Supports multiple languages 


  • Gets buggy at times
  • Lacks formatting options 

Choose it for: In-depth analytics, typo-tolerant search, custom text editor

Third-party integrations allowed: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $69/month

Comparison of the Best Alternatives of Document360 Knowledge Base 

Software  Price  Public & Private  Ready-made templates  User roles & permissions Built-in reports  Third-party integrations 
ProProfs Knowledge Base  $30/author/month Y Y Y Y Y
Zendesk $49/agent/month Y N Y Y Y
Confluence $5.50/user/month Private only  Y Y Y Y
Guru $5/user/month Y Y Y Y Y
Bloomfire Not mentioned  Y N Y Y Y
Notion $4/month Y Y Y N Y
Archbee $30/month Y Y Y Y Y
Nuclino $5/user/month N Y Y N Y
KnowledgeOwl $79/month Y N Y Y Y
HelpDocs $69/month Y Y Y Y Y
Document360 $99/project/month Y N Y Y Y

Conclusion: Which Document360 Alternative Should You Go for? 

Document360 is undeniably one of the leading knowledge base tools on the block today. It helps you create both public and private knowledge base with ease and offers out-of-the-box features for authoring and publishing content. 

However despite its fascinating features, there are certain downsides that urge businesses to look for better alternatives. For example, the tool’s subscription plans are quite expensive and it lacks ready-made knowledge base templates.  

The above-mentioned list of tools is curated carefully to help you take the right software home. 

If you are looking for a versatile yet affordable solution, ProProfs Knowledge Base is the one for you. Go for Notion if you want both knowledge and project management. If budget is not a concern, KnowledgeOwl is another option you can consider. 

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About the author

Brayn is a knowledge management expert. He has been published in CustomerThink, PointVisible and SocialPilot. As a customer support specialist at ProProfs, Brayn has been instrumental in building a robust knowledge base and documents that help support executives keep every customer delighted. You can catch up with Brayn on Twitter and LinkedIn.