Content Authoring

Content authoring is easy with ProProfs. Pick your favorite template from our library and get started. Write and edit content with our MS Word-like editor, upload files, and create an impressive knowledge base in minutes.

  • Write and edit content MS Word-like editor
    Rich text editor

    Write and edit content easily with MS Word-like editor

  • Add videos and images to knowledge base
    Video & text pages

    Add videos and images to your knowledge base pages

  • Customize and create table of content in knowledge base
    Table of contents

    Create a table of contents and customize it for structured reading

  • Manage multiple authors in centralized knowledge base
    Multiple authors

    Assign the role of author to multiple users. Avoid duplication by showing who’s working on the document, changes made, etc.

  • Create multilingual knowledge base for global audience
    90+ languages supported

    Create your knowledge base in different languages to cater to your global audience

  • Restore previous version knowledge base and compare them
    Revision history

    Track up to 30 recent changes made to your knowledge base, restore previous versions, and compare two different versions of a page or article

  • Use image and files multiple times from file manager
    File & image manager

    Upload files in your file and image manager once and reuse multiple times and locations

  • Use content across your knowledge base from a single source
    Single sourcing

    Source content and use it in the form of merge tags or content snippets across your knowledge base

  • Import content files directly into your knowledge base
    Import content

    Import word docs, PDF files, PPTs, and much more right into your knowledge base

  • Export your help-site in to zip file
    Export sites

    Export a site’s content into a zip file and re-import it back into your knowledge base, if need be

  • Inform visitors about changes in your knowledge base articles

    Inform visitors about any changes in your knowledge base articles by creating callouts

  • Expand or collapse a section of your knowledge base article
    Toggle content

    Expand or collapse a section of your help article with toggle content

  • Publish your help article with a single click
    Easy publishing

    Publish your knowledge base with a single click

  • Easily recover your lost help articles

    Recover lost pages and prevent accidental data loss

Branding & Customization

Customize your knowledge base with your brand name and logo. Choose from scores of fonts, themes, and designs that go well with your brand.

  • Use free templates to create knowledge base
    Ready-to-use page templates

    Choose from 25+ pre-designed page templates to build knowledge base pages

  • Customize knowledgebase by adding your brand's logo
    White label

    Customize your knowledge base with your brand name and logo. Remove ProProfs branding and showcase the knowledge base as part of your brand

  • Design knowledge base beautifully with your favorite fonts and theme
    Custom fonts & themes

    Pick your favorite fonts, themes, and designs to give a professional yet appealing look to your knowledge base

  • Edit or design the knowledge base layout with CSS
    Custom CSS

    Control the layout, format, and presentation of your knowledge base with the help of CSS

  • choose the custom domain according to your brand
    Custom domain

    Change the default URL of your help site and give it a domain name that matches your brand

  • Easily make a clone help site for other knowledge base
    Clone a site

    Duplicate a site and use it for a different knowledge base. You can even clone the site and translate it in a different language

  • Create multi branding knowledge base

    Create different versions of a single site by applying different branding styles to it

  • Manage multiple help sites with single login
    Multiple help sites

    Create and manage multiple help sites with a single login, and brand them differently

  • Add header and footer to knowledge base easily
    Page header & footer

    Add header and footer to your knowledge base pages easily

  • Create more URL for your knowledge base
    URL redirection

    Redirect users to the correct URL in case there are issues with the current article URL

  • Make your knowledge base SEO friendly
    SEO support

    Enable SEO and make your knowledge base crawlable for search engines

  • Make public knowledge base
    Public view

    Make your knowledge base visible to an unlimited number of people

User Management

Add users and manage them effectively with our internal knowledge base features. Enable your users to work together with combined synergy in building and managing knowledge.

  • Manage multiple user profiles in your knowledge base
    Add, edit & delete users

    Add users, edit users’ profiles, delete users, or make them inactive

  • Assign roles and permissions in your knowledge base
    Roles & permissions

    Assign roles to users and define their permissions to control who can do what in your knowledge base

  • Set workflow for your knowledge base
    Workflow & notifications

    Set up workflows for your knowledge base articles and keep your team notified

  • Create custom workflow status in knowledge base
    Custom status

    Create custom workflow status for articles and assign the work to the relevant individual or team

Security & Compliance

ProProfs Knowledge Base software features related to content security help you set page, folder, or IP restrictions, authenticate users before they log in, create private sites, and much more.

  • Display conditional content on your knowledge base
    Conditional content

    Intelligent set of rules to hide or display content on your knowledge base

  • Restrict customers or employee to display or hide specific folders

    Add conditions to display or hide specific folders from your customers or employees

  • Login to your knowledge base with single sign on
    Single sign-on

    Make it easy for your knowledge base users to log in to your help site with single sign on

  • Create private knowledge base for employees
    Private sites

    Enable private sites to keep access restricted to internal employees

  • Restrict viewing and log in access from designated IP addresses only.
    IP restrictions

    Restrict viewing and log in access to only designated IP addresses. This is helpful when you want your knowledge base to be viewed by a specific group of people in a specific network

  • Create a custom licence and complete data ownership
    Custom license, enterprise security, & ownership

    Create a custom licence, get complete data ownership, access reports, transfer ownership, and much more

  • GDPR-Compliant

    We are committed to eliminating security gaps and ensuring greater transparency and accountability

Delightful User Experience

Our advanced KB software features help you craft exceptional experiences for your users.

  • Use contextual help to explain your help articles
    Contextual help

    Guide users on certain features, explain complicated terms, and provide additional information with tooltips, lightboxes, and popups

  • Search content across multiple help sites easily
    Multiple-site search

    Search content across multiple help sites easily

  • Make a searchable knowledge base
    Intelligent search

    Provide a Google-like search experience to readers. Embed a search bar, and auto-complete questions as users start typing

  • Access your knowledge base on any device
    Mobile, Tablet, & Laptop

    Enable your customers and employees to browse your knowledge base from multiple devices

  • Knowledge base supports various operating systems
    Multiple platform support

    Supports various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and more

  • Instant access to relevant knowledge base articles
    Help widget

    Group multiple articles in a single widget and provide readers with instant access to relevant knowledge base articles

  • Save and restore different versions of knowledge base
    Version control

    Save different versions of your knowledge base and restore them anytime you want

  • Feedback on knowledge base articles
    Feedback & ratings

    Allow your customers and employees to rate your knowledge base articles or comment on them

  • Incorporate feedback forms in your knowledge base
    Ticket Forms

    Incorporate feedback forms in your knowledge base to capture customer feedback

  • Multiple tab view of your knowledge base
    Multiple tab view

    Enable your customers and employees to browse pages in the table of contents and open them in separate tabs

  • Anytime customer support
    24/7 Customer support

    We are here for help, if you need us. We have phone help, live chat, and a huge knowledge base

Reports & Analytics

Use our knowledge base software features to get detailed reports on your knowledge base performance. Measure content effectiveness, track author activity, and evaluate how your content is being used.

  • knowledge base statistics
    Knowledge base statistics

    Gain a bird’s eye view of your knowledge base activity. Know the total searches made, number of articles created, total reads, etc.

  • Identify popular and poorly rated help articles
    Article health

    Identify popular and poorly rated articles, failed keywords, new articles created, and more

  • A quick look on author activity
    Author activity

    Peek into the activities of your authors, their contributions, and last login time.t

  • Get list of broken links in knowledge base
    Broken links

    Get a list of all inactive and broken links along with the page titles


ProProfs Knowledge Base software integrates beautifully with CRMs, G-suite, and our in-house tools. Leverage the integrations to experience excellence in customer support.

  • Extract the entire list of knowledge base articles
    API integration

    Extract the entire list of articles from your knowledge base via API

  • Integration with ProProfs Helpdesk, Survey and Live chat
    In-house integrations

    Add ProProfs Chat, ProProfs Help Desk, and ProProfs Survey to Knowledge Base software to make it a perfect customer support suite

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