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Knowledge Base Customer Success Stories

Create Customer Help Sites, User Manuals or Private Knowledge Base

What Does a Knowledge Base Look Like?

See Customer Examples - It's Fully Customizable
Create a Knowledge Base with Free Templates

How to Create a Knowledge Base


Create a knowledge base


Use a template or start from scratch


Customize your template


Import files, docs & more



Determine your goal

Create a knowledge base in minutes

Set your objective and identify your target audience. Start creating a visually-appealing and information-rich online knowledge platform for your business.

Figure out your CTA

Start from scratch or use a suitable template

You can build it from scratch or use one of our templates to get started. Sign up by filling your details. Kick-start the process by placing content effortlessly in the template.

Customize with your logo & colors

Brand it with your logo and color scheme to give a professional appearance to your knowledge base. Package your content beautifully.

Import files & documents easily

Easily import word docs, PDFs and more into your knowledge base with a single click. You can also add images and videos to make it interesting and engaging.

Create a beautiful design

Publish it

It’s time to publish it finally. Just a bit of a final touch up and voila, your knowledge base is ready to take off.

Create Your First Knowledge Base

100+ Settings & Integrations

Connect ProProfs Knowledge Base seamlessly with your favorite tools

Design beautiful knowledge bases using branding features and pre-made templates, or customize fully with CSS and HTML. Configure 100+ settings for common tasks like single sign-on, security and more. Integrate with popular tools such as Google Analytics, Wufoo and more.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Branding, Templates, CSS
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Configure 100+ settings
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Integration with CRMs, help desks, chat & popular tools

Delight Customers with Chat + HelpDesk + Survey

Craft delightful customer experience with ProProfs Support Suite

Deliver delightful customer experiences across channels. Our knowledge base connects seamlessly with ProProfs Live Chat, Help Desk, and Survey so you can offer amazing support and build memorable customer service experiences.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Live Chat for instant support
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Help Desk engineered for customer delight
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Customer experience feedback & surveys

What Are the Key Benefits of a Knowledge Base Solution?

Allow Public or Private Access

A modern knowledge base platform helps you create both public and private knowledge bases, depending on your target audience. You can keep the knowledge base public for customer self-service or allow access to only internal employees using passwords and privacy controls.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Keep your knowledge base public or private
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Enable single sign-on for authorized access
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Control knowledge base visibility
Allows Public or Private Access
Delight Customers With Instant 24x7 Self-Help
Delight Customers With Instant 24x7 Self-Help

Ditch the frustration of long wait times and endless phone menus. Offer instant, 24/7 support through a self-service knowledge base. Empower customers to find answers on their own time, reducing reliance on your support team for common issues.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Provide round-the-clock self-help
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Make customers independent
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Reduce dependence on calls and emails
Help Agents Improve Customer Support

Agents need information at their fingertips to be able to answer customer questions right when they arise. With a simple knowledge base platform, your customer support staff will always have access to the most updated information. They can leverage that knowledge to cater to customer requests, make informed decisions, and deliver delightful customer support experiences.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Help agents resolve issues confidently
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Provide agents 24x7 access to information
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Reduce issue resolution time
Help Agents Improve Customer Support
Boost Team Collaboration

Assign clear roles and permissions so everyone's on the same page. Plus, built-in commenting lets you share ideas and discuss projects directly within the platform.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Assign roles & permissions
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Collaborate to build & share knowledge
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Provide feedback via internal comments
Improve Employee Onboarding

New employees need constant support to get familiar with an organization and meet work expectations. An online knowledge base brings them up to speed with your company’s culture and work dynamics. It provides new hires with centralized access to critical information related to your products and services, company policies, employee data, work processes, and much more. This allows them to learn conveniently at their own pace and become self-reliant right from day one.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Bring employees up to speed quickly
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Make learning easy & convenient
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Provide a seamless onboarding experience
Improves Employee Onboarding
Improve Search Engine Ranking of Your Knowledge Base

If you opt to make a public knowledge base (we also support private & secure knowledge base), you can make it SEO-friendly with a single click and get additional customers, leads & traffic. We've designed ProProfs such that when SEO settings are enabled it shows up on top of search engines, driving more visibility to your brand. Experience the industry's most powerful SEO capabilities in a knowledge base.

  • tick Knowledgebase tick Make discovery easy
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Get top search rankings & reach
  • tick Knowledgebase tick Increate traffic & visibility

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Who Can Use a Knowledge Base?

Customer Support

Customer support agents have a lot on their plates that can impact the issue resolution time. A knowledge base solution equips your support agents with all the assistance they need to solve customer problems quickly.


Your sales team is always on the frontline, capturing and converting prospects into customers. A knowledge base provides them with instant access to client information and sales processes, so they can make the right pitches and sell confidently.

Human Resources

HR professionals are always on the move – hiring and inducting new hires, managing employee records, etc. A knowledge base solution can centralize all important HR processes, making work more streamlined for your HR team.

Call Centers

Call center operators have to deal with a rush of calls every single day while keeping the resolution time to a minimum. With the right knowledge base platform, call center operators have all the necessary information at their fingertips. This helps them answer calls confidently without making your customers wait.

IT Companies

If your IT team is constantly struggling to resolve support issues raised by employees, then a knowledge base can prove to be immensely helpful. It arms your IT team with step-by-step guides and troubleshooting tips, enabling them to fix issues faster.

Technical Teams

Technical support teams often have a hard time dealing with customer issues of varying complexity. A knowledge base relieves them from the tedious task of sifting through multiple files and helps them solve customer problems with ease.

ProProfs Knowledge Base Features

Simple & Easy

For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed

Anytime, Anywhere

View and access knowledge base on laptops, tablets, or smartphones, anywhere.


Create a knowledge base that is optimized for search engines.

Customize & Brand

Brand your help site with customized fonts, colors, logos, and more.

Security Controls

Keep your knowledge base secure with password and privacy controls.

90+ Languages Supported

Translate content in over 90 languages and serve a diverse customer base.

Highly Searchable

ProProfs throws up answers instantly with its Google-like search engine.

Centralize Documents

Centrally access company documents, manuals & more easily with knowledge base.

Analytics & Reports

Learn what users are searching for, failed searches, and improvement areas.

How to Choose the Right Knowledge Base Solution

To choose the best knowledge base platform, look for these 3 key features:

  • Member Manager

    Assign specific roles to individual users or different teams and let them work collectively to build your knowledge base content.

  • Conditional Content

    Set rules to restrict or allow access to a page or folder. Save the rules and use them across multiple sites.

  • Insightful Reports

    Unlock detailed insights into article performance, search patterns, and author activities.

Why Do People Choose ProProfs Knowledge Base?

ProProfs Knowledge Base solution offers powerful features that work together to help you create a public and private knowledge base, manuals, documentation, and much more. It is easy to set up and requires no coding skills or specialized training. Robust integrations with leading tools and a solid support system are other striking features that give this tool a competitive edge.

Why Do People Choose ProProfs Knowledge Base Software?

We Believe Software Should Make You Happy

We are building a 100-year company with awesome human support

We are building a 100-year company with a mission to DELIGHT customers. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat, and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support & building delightful software, we go the distance - try it, and you will love it.

ProProfs is a Recognized Leader in Knowledge Management

Digital Best
American Business Award
Rising Star
Knowledge Management Software
Crozdesk Leader
Brandon Hall
Crozdesk Happiest User
Crozdesk Quality Choice
Digital Best
American Business Award
Rising Star
Knowledge Management Software
Crozdesk Leader
Brandon Hall
Crozdesk Happiest User
Crozdesk Quality Choice

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