What Is ProProfs Knowledge Base & Crowdin Integration?

What Is ProProfs Knowledge Base & Crowdin Integration?

ProProfs Knowledge Base integration with Crowdin empowers you to provide multilingual support to your customers spread across the globe.

With this power-packed integration, you can manage article translations and track their progress in real time from within your knowledge base. Once the translation is complete, you can update the content on your help site with just a click. No manual copy-paste required!

Integrating your knowledge base with Crowdin can fully automate the translation process, ensuring a streamlined workflow and improved productivity for your teams.

Why Integrate Crowdin With ProProfs KB?

Leverage Human & Machine Translation

ProProfs Knowledge Base integration with Crowdin lets you harness the power of both human and machine translation. Human translators can edit machine-generated translations, which eventually reduces the turnaround time while keeping the quality intact. Work happens faster and more efficiently when machines and humans come together.

Track Translation Progress in Real Time

Adding Crowdin to your knowledge base helps you closely monitor the progress of translations. You can also access detailed reports on translation status and project activities to stay on top of all developments. Using reports, you can also identify top translators working on your projects and manage translation costs.

Get Quality & Contextual Translations

Another astounding benefit of knowledge base integration with Crowdin is that you don’t have to worry about the quality and context of your translations. Crowdin automatically manages elements like punctuation, placeholders, and your brand voice, promising top-quality and contextual translations.

Aligning ProProfs Knowledge Base and Crowdin will help you adapt your help site to different languages and deliver a delightful experience for your global customers.

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