You can do so much with Google Fonts by integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base seamlessly with it. Let the magic of ProProfs flow with your favourite app.

What Is Google Fonts & Knowledge Base Integration?

Add Google Fonts to ProProfs Knowledge Base and get access to over 600 font types. Don’t restrict yourself to boring web fonts like Verdana or Times on your site. Google Fonts allows you to choose from hundreds of free non-web safe fonts. Pick your favorite fonts to customize the look and feel of your help site. Bring quality typography to your knowledge base pages and applications.

Key Features & Benefits of Google Fonts & Knowledge Base Integration
  • Say No to Boring Web-Safe Fonts

    Regular font types like Verdana, Times, or Arial can be monotonous. Choose from a variety of free non-web-safe fonts and make your help site content look attractive. Google Fonts also shows which fonts work well when used as a pair.

  • No Installation Required

    As the fonts are stored on Google’s servers, you can use them directly. No strain of uploading them to your server. Choose the font you like, select Import, copy the code provided, and paste it in the CSS.

  • No License Needed

    As Google Fonts are released under open source license, you can use them easily without requiring a license.

Integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base with Google Fonts is incredibly simple. Visit our integration guide to learn about the details.

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