Legacy Research Group is a leading independent publishing company, reaching two million readers across over 140 countries. Focused on providing financial insights without relying on corporate advertisers or Wall Street commissions, it combines decades of collective leadership from three financial research firms under one roof, making it one of the largest of its kind globally. The company covers various investing styles and preferences, from conservative to speculative, across different financial products like stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies.


At Legacy Research, a pivotal player in the financial advisory sector, the challenge of efficiently updating and implementing training materials for a dynamic team was increasingly evident. Shamala Turner, the Learning & Development Manager, articulated the core issue: "A lot of what we do here has to deal with stocks and bonds and options and cryptocurrencies... So we needed a knowledge base system for our reps to assist them in being successful investors."

The reliance on Slack for training and communication was becoming a bottleneck. Turner noted, "Slack is a good system to get information, but... Slack wasn't enough for me. I feel like everyone needed somewhere where they can log in and look for information instead of backtracking and looking through old slacks."


ProProfs provided the comprehensive solution Legacy Research was searching for. Turner's strategy involved leveraging ProProfs' suite of tools — the Training Maker, Knowledge Base, Quiz Maker, and Survey Maker — to revolutionize how training was delivered. "I use the training maker to make my trainings. I love it... ProProfs is really big here. We use it a lot every day with our company," Turner shared, emphasizing the platform's daily significance.

The transition away from Slack towards a more integrated, accessible knowledge base was key. Turner highlighted, "with ProProfs Knowledge Base, they are able to log in on their own anywhere where they're at. Just type in a topic and then the topic of that article will pop up."


The shift to ProProfs enhanced Legacy Research's training efficiency and team performance. Turner observed a significant uplift in performance metrics: "We've seen an increase in overall performance on our team... those that were not meeting goals, as far as quality goes, we've seen an increase in those goals because they're able to use these resources."

ProProfs' support system was another critical factor in the platform's success at Legacy Research. Turner lauded the ProProfs support team for their responsiveness and effectiveness, stating, "Support, they have been doing a great job as well... It's usually something done within five minutes."

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