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Why create a web-based user guide?

A user guide or user manual helps your customers by providing the information and instructions they need to get set up and begin using your product or service quickly. Old-fashioned Word docs and PDFs just don’t cut it anymore, and you really don’t want to invest in printing and shipping costs associated with hard copies. So instead, you should put your user guide online, which allows your customers to browse it on the Internet.

Add context-sensitive help to your website

When you put your user guide online with ProProfs, you can embed context-sensitive help to assist users without requiring them to leave your webpage. Context-sensitive help answers your customer's questions like “What’s this?” and “Why do I need this?” exactly where they need it, without clicking Help or reaching out to your customer support agents. ProProfs makes it easy for you to integrate context-sensitive help right into your product, saving time and money.

How to use this online user guide template

Our online user guide template is laid out so that you can quickly and easily add your own company branding and color scheme. We have outlined the basic elements of a user guide so all you have to do is replace our placeholder information with your content. If you already have user guides in other formats, it’s easy to transfer your existing content into our structure.

What makes online user guides better?

ProProfs’ simple formatting tools make it easy for you to put your user guides online, which cuts down on costly manual processes like emailing, mailing, or including your user guide in packaging. Online user guides make it possible for you to constantly make changes and updates to your user guide with no need to update PDF or Word docs, but if your customers want to print it out, it’s easy for them to do so right from your online user guide.

You can add images and embed videos right into your online user guide and make it user-friendly by using bullets, tables, and other elements to make your online user guide easy to use. You can even make your online user guide in multiple versions and languages. Password-protection is available if you want to limit access to your online user guide.

An online user guide is easier for your customers because it means they can access information anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This accessibility means that customers don’t need to waste their time contacting you for a copy of the latest manual or spend time waiting to hear back from your customer service team. Built-in search functionality ensures it’s easy for your customers to find exactly the help they need.

You will see fewer customer help requests with an online user guide, because customers prefer self-help, and will only reach out to your help desk for serious issues, not small ones that the online user guide can answer for them.

An online user guide also allows you to see how your customers are using your information so that you can constantly improve. You can gather customer feedback on your user guide pages, and view analytics to determine how to make your online user guide perform better

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