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Why create an online instruction manual?

Provide your customers with a web-based instruction manual to give them a clear direction to follow while using your product. With an online manual in place, your customers don’t have to reach out to your customer support team for help, as they can quickly solve queries on their own. Create an online instructions manual that your customers can access anytime and from any device. A web-based manual serves as an information center for your clients as they can refer to it whenever they get stuck while using your product. Also, it eliminates the need to raise tickets, which ultimately relieves your support staff to answer similar queries again and again. Offering a carefully-built instruction manual to your customers is the best way to keep them satisfied and happy with your product.

Include context-sensitive help for easy understanding

The major purpose of creating an instructions manual is to help your customers understand the working mechanism of your product. If your manual is complicated, it remains of no use to your customers. You can keep it simple and specific by including contextual help in your manual. Use tooltips, lightboxes, and pop-ups to explain technical jargons and concepts that aren’t self-explanatory. Provide additional help content wherever necessary to ensure that your customers get an end-to-end understanding of how to use your product.

What makes online instruction manuals better?

Web-based instruction manuals have a definite edge over manual in word docs or PDFs. Unlike the latter, online manuals facilitate your customers with instant help and immediate answers, eliminating the need to reach out to the support staff for insignificant issues.

A searchable online manual provides your readers with relevant content-related suggestions and also directs them to articles or pages that have the most appropriate answers to their questions. Since online manuals are compatible with multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, they can be accessed anytime and from anywhere, as per the convenience of your customers. Besides this, web-based instruction manuals are useful even for your support staff as they can refer to it while providing help to customers.

How to use this template?

The instruction manual template by ProProfs provides you with a basic framework. You just have to replace the placeholder information with the content you want to include in your manual. You can author content or directly import existing content from word docs or PDFs. The template also allows you to upload images and videos with a single click. Add your logo and choose from a wide range of fonts and themes to design your online instructions manual beautifully.

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