The State of Wisconsin focuses on helping people who were incarcerated or in trouble with the law. We apply resources to minimize the probability of repeat offenders. Many years ago, we began implementing processes for helping offenders move on to more productive lives.

State of Wisconsin


As the system became more successful and the amount of data, processes, programs, and target groups began to expand, we felt the need to bring all the activities on a single platform. That’s when we thought of creating an Electronic Case Management Manual. We didn’t just want an editor. Instead, we were looking for a tool that provided a holistic solution.


With ProProfs Knowledge Base software, we can sign up and create content quickly without setting up servers or involving the IT department. The tool made content creation and management a seamless process. It helps us write, edit, and design articles effortlessly. We can easily create new pages and organize them by category in the table of contents section.


We now have a centralized Electronic Case Management Manual. Our staff uses the manual to identify the duties and roles in each division, responsibilities of personnel, timelines, and form completion. Easy access to important information ensures consistency, continuity, and quality.

State Of Wisconsi
State Of Wisconsi

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