What Is ProProfs Knowledge Base & MS Clarity Integration?

What Is ProProfs Knowledge Base & MS Clarity Integration?

ProProfs Knowledge Base integration with Microsoft Clarity allows you to keep a firm eye on every step visitors take in your knowledge base.

With this integration, you can access heatmaps and session recordings that help you decode what visitors really want and how they use your knowledge base. Additionally, you also get access to eye-opening insights into visitors’ click behavior and self-service patterns.

You can harness these insights to make data-driven decisions and take your knowledge base performance to a whole different level.

Let’s dive into the features and benefits of this integration.

Why Integrate MS Clarity With ProProfs KB?

Track Visitor Engagement With Heatmaps

Microsoft Clarity integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base equips you with heatmaps that give a visual representation of how visitors scroll and what they click in your self-service portal. You can also compare two heatmaps through A/B tests to identify the pages that are working well for visitors.

Record Every Action Your Visitors Take

Integrate your knowledge base with Microsoft Clarity to access session recordings that give a real-time experience of how visitors interact with your self-service portal. Through high-def recordings of visitors’ journeys, you can identify moments of frustration and take the necessary steps to fix them on time.

Uncover Behavior-Focused Insights

Add Microsoft Clarity to your knowledge base to gain useful behavior-focused insights and address problems before they amplify. Track rage clicks, dead clicks, and quickbacks to identify points of frustration and abandonment. Filter the data by location, browser, campaign, and session duration for a detailed analysis.

Leverage the power-packed integration of ProProfs Knowledge Base and MS Clarity to level up your self-service support. Follow the simple steps in our guide and get started right away.

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