You can do so much with Zendesk by integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base seamlessly with it. Let the magic of ProProfs flow with your favourite app.

What Is Zendesk & Knowledge Base Integration?

Embed Zendesk ticket forms to your help site powered by ProProfs and empower customers to raise tickets instantly if their questions aren’t answered. By integrating Zendesk and ProProfs, you’ll have the power of Zendesk’s customer support and the strength of ProProfs knowledge base solution. This is a killer combination that helps you deliver seamless support experiences to your customers.

Features & Benefits of Zendesk & Knowledge Base Integration
  • Empower Customers to Raise Tickets Instantly

    Add the Zendesk ticket form to your knowledge base and allow your customers to submit a ticket instantly for unanswered questions. Relieve your customers from the tedious task of locating your contact details and equip them with the option to raise tickets from within your knowledge base.

  • Direct All Tickets to Your Zendesk Account

    Route the forms raised by customers to your Zendesk account, where they are automatically converted into tickets. Agents can easily manage and resolve them from the Zendesk account.

  • Convert Support Tickets Into New Help Topics

    Turn Zendesk tickets into new knowledge base articles to ensure that customers don’t raise tickets for similar issues again. This will also improve your knowledge base and keep it relevant for your customers.

  • Close Tickets Faster

    Integrate ProProfs Knowledge Base with Zendesk and allow your agents to resolve tickets faster. While responding to tickets, your agents will be shown relevant knowledge base articles. They can share these articles with customers and ensure that their questions are answered accurately.

Visit our integration guide to learn more about how to connect ProProfs Knowledge Base with Zendesk.

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