What Is ProProfs Knowledge Base & JIRA Integration?

ProProfs Knowledge Base and JIRA are two powerful tools that generate stellar results when used together.

JIRA integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to embed a form in your knowledge base and create a JIRA task automatically.

For example, if an article on HR policies needs to be updated, you can simply fill the JIRA form and create a task from within your internal knowledge base. The HR team can assign, manage, and track the task from their JIRA account. No more wasting time switching tabs!

Leverage this useful integration to reduce chaos and streamline work across teams. Let’s now look at some of the benefits of knowledge base integration with JIRA.

Features & Benefits of JIRA & ProProfs Knowledge Base Integration
  • No More Switching Tabs

    JIRA’s integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base allows teams to create tasks from your knowledge base and manage them from their respective JIRA accounts. Every time an employee fills the JIRA form in the knowledge base to raise a requirement, it automatically shows up in the JIRA account. This makes it easy for your employees to track and execute tasks without switching tabs.

  • Streamline Communication & Collaboration

    Let your teams work in collaboration and accomplish tasks with minimum friction. Integrate JIRA with your self-service knowledge base and bring all your teams under one roof where they can manage knowledge and tasks together.

  • Reduce Shoulder Taps & Context-Switching

    Knowledge base integration with JIRA makes it effortless for your teams to manage projects and documentation. Keep your knowledge base up-to-date by creating tasks instantly and giving employees the flexibility to manage these requirements from their JIRA accounts. Specify project name, issue type, and priority level in the JIRA form and leave no scope of confusion.

Integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base and JIRA is super easy. Follow the simple steps in our integration guide, and get started.

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