You can do so much with LiveChat by integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base seamlessly with it. Let the magic of ProProfs flow with your favourite app.

What Is LiveChat & Knowledge Base Integration?

LiveChat and ProProfs Knowledge Base integration enables you to add a chat feature to your knowledge base. This allows customers to seek agent assistance if their issues aren’t resolved. Agents can quickly answer customer questions via chat or provide them with relevant knowledge base article links for instant self-help support.

Features & Benefits of LiveChat & Knowledge Base Integration
  • Reduce Tickets With Real-Time Support

    Empower customers to instantly initiate a conversation with agents via chat if they are confused or unable to find answers to their questions. Agents can quickly respond to customers’ messages and share the links of relevant articles in the chat widget.

  • Monitor Knowledge Base Visitors in Real-Time

    Embed LiveChat in your knowledge base and track visitors in real-time. View details such as the articles they are reading, time spent on each page, the device they are using, and more. Agents can use this information to start a conversation proactively with customers and resolve their issues instantly.

  • Capture Feedback Easily

    The embedded chat box in your knowledge base also works as a feedback capture form. For instance, when your agents are offline, customers can leave a message or feedback using the LiveChat message box. Agents can address those issues once they are online.

  • Reach Out to Customers Anytime, Anywhere

    LiveChat and ProProfs Knowledge Base integration enables agents to answer customer questions on-the-go, from wherever they are. As both these tools are mobile-friendly, agents can chat with customers and provide answers from their mobile phones.

Understand the step-by-step process to integrate ProProfs Knowledge Base with LiveChat in our integration guide.

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