You can do so much with Wufoo by integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base seamlessly with it. Let the magic of ProProfs flow with your favourite app.

What Is Wufoo & Knowledge Base Integration?

Wufoo and ProProfs Knowledge Base integration assists you in capturing customer feedback directly from your help site. Add Wufoo web forms such as feature request forms, support ticket forms, contact us forms, and more, to your knowledge base pages. Log in to your Wufoo account, create a form of your choice, or choose an existing form. Copy the code and paste it into your knowledge base.

Features & Benefits of Wufoo & Knowledge Base Integration
  • Gather Customer Feedback & Grow Leads

    Wufoo and ProProfs Knowledge Base integration helps you collect customer feedback and understand how satisfied customers are with your offerings. You can also use web forms to capture and convert leads.

  • Choose From 150+ Templates & Themes

    Choose from an extensive collection of pre-built forms and customize them to match your brand. Add your logo and use appropriate colors and themes to give an appealing look to your web forms.

  • Get Instant Notifications

    Integrate ProProfs Knowledge Base with Wufoo to get quick notifications via email, text message, or a secure RSS feed, every time customers and prospects provide their feedback.

  • Evaluate the Performance of Your Wufoo Web Forms

    Wufoo provides data on the performance of your web forms. Get a detailed analysis of page views, conversion rates, error rates, and submission times to gain a deeper understanding of the performance of your forms.

Integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base and Wufoo is super easy. Go through our integration guide for step by step instructions.

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