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About This Template

Why create a web-based software manual?

Online software manuals make it easy for your software users to find the help and documentation information they need to be successful with your software product. Using this software manual template, you can create online help guides, FAQs and manuals easily. PDFs and Word Docs just don’t cut it anymore - you need to have all of your user documentation available online.

Add context-sensitive help to your pages

One of the best things about having an online manual with ProProfs is that you can embed context-sensitive help right in your pages, so that if customers have a question or need information, they can find it right away, without searching for the item in your manual. This brings your software user manual to life, making it delightfully helpful to your customers.

How to use this online manual template

Our software manual template is laid out so that you can quickly and easily add your own company branding and color scheme. We have outlined the basic elements of a software manual so all you have to do is replace our placeholder information with your content. If you already have software manuals in other formats, it’s easy to transfer your existing content into our structure.

What makes online software manuals better?

Your users need to easily access your software documentation, and our tool makes it easy for you to put all of the information they need at their fingertips. You can use our software manual template to provide the information your users need online, and you can easily update your user guide any time you make updates or want to add new information.

With online software manuals, you don’t need to print costly manuals, which quickly become out-of-date. Instead, you can maintain up-to-date, searchable manuals online at all times, and refer customers to your online manuals without any printing and postage costs. Your customers will love being able to access your manuals online anytime and anywhere, and already expect you to have online manuals for them. Your online manuals can even be interactive, allowing your customers to leave feedback, and you can review the stats for each page of your manual to determine which pages are most important and which ones need to be updated.

Online manuals are proven to reduce the number of tickets your support team receives because customers are able to find what they need on your online manual quickly and easily without any help. Your support team can also direct customers who do call in to refer to the manual for additional support.

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