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Why create online software documentation?

Online software documentation serves one primary goal - to let consumers access information anytime and from any device, as per their convenience. Customer satisfaction is the focal point of a software business and to achieve this it’s essential that you ensure your clients are able to find help as and when they need it. Create web-based software documentation to solve queries instantly, reduce tickets and the crucial time of your customer support reps that is majorly spent in answering repetitive questions every single day. Embed images, infographics, videos and audio to add value to your document.

How to improve your online software documentation?

Keep it updated and searchable so that your customers can instantly find what they are looking for. Delight readers by explaining complex concepts and jargons using tooltips, lightboxes, and popups. Use our software documentation sample to provide context-sensitive help that is instrumental in giving customers a better understanding of your software products. Add videos, images, infographics to support the technical content. You can also give it a professional appearance by using appropriate fonts, themes, and designs while creating the online document.

How to put the documentation online?

Create new content or upload existing files with a single click using our software documentation template. Add images, videos in the document easily to make it more interactive and engaging. Include cross-referencing to direct customers to the relevant help articles. Create documents that are compatible with various mobiles, tablets, and browsers. Also, your customers can give feedback in a separate feedback section. On the basis of their responses, you can bring appropriate changes in your software documentation.

How to use this template?

You can personalize your software document by adding your brand’s logo and design. Give it an organized structure by including a table of contents and categorizing information into various sections. The template will also help you upload documents, videos, and images instantly. The simple software design document template is immensely easy to use. Create your perfect web-based software document now.

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