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Why put your design documentation online?

Design documentation encompasses your firm’s branding guidelines at one single place. Keeping it online will help your employees refer to the document as per their convenience, without any restriction of time and place. The online design document can be accessed easily by your employees while creating or designing a product, app or website, etc. Putting it online facilitates your teams with the flexibility to refer to the branding rules, from any device, be it a mobile, laptop or a tablet. Regardless of the size and scope, a firm’s brand and design related rules can be quite vast. To ensure that your employees don’t forget to adhere to your guidelines, delight them with an effective online design document that serves the purpose well.

What makes online design documentation better?

Online design documentation has a definite edge over documentation in the form of PDFs or word docs, and that’s because of the easy accessibility and seamless search, it provides to its readers. A carefully-built web-based design document in place empowers your employees to find the right information at the right time. This saves them from the tedious task of reaching out to colleagues via phone calls or emails to get information on your brand guidelines. You can even set up rules to restrict or allow access to a specific page or folder of your documentation. You can update your online design documentation from time to time to ensure that your employees get the latest branding information.

Enrich your online design documentation with images and videos

Since your design documentation is web-based, you can easily upload relevant images, graphics or videos or even audios to support and explain the content in a better way. Valuable information coupled with the right pictures and videos work wonders. Your document becomes engaging and is also able to retain the interest of your readers, while also providing them with the information they need. Since the document is about designing and branding guidelines of your firm, it ought to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

How to use this template?

Design document template provided by ProProfs is all you need to kick-start with the process of building an excellent document. It provides you with a basic structure, where you can directly write or upload word files or PDFs and add images and videos instantly. You simply need to replace our placeholder information with the content you want to include in your design document, and you are ready to take off.

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