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Why create an online employee handbook?

Employee handbooks are traditionally the type of thing that new employees see once and then promptly lose track of. When they have questions about the policies, they contact HR, leading to time-consuming Q&As for basic questions that are locked up in the printed employee handbook. An online employee handbook helps your employees by providing searchable information and instructions online. The information is always up-to-date and easily accessible to your employees on any device.

Who needs an online employee handbook?

Any company that has employees has critical information that they need to provide in an employee handbook. The employee handbook typically includes an introduction to the company, legal policies, general employment information, and employment policies. When you put your employee handbook in a Word doc or PDF, your employees tend to lose them. Putting your employee handbook online makes it easy for your employees to find the information they need whenever they need it.

Limit access to your online employee handbook

You have the option to limit access to your online employee handbook, keeping internal policies confidential. You can make the site private, manage IP access, and disable the copy function to protect your company information. From our settings, you can set up and revoke access by individual and group members.

How to use this online employee handbook template

You can quickly and easily adjust the color scheme and add your logo to match your company branding. This template provides basic content for your employee handbook, but you can easily replace all of it with your own content. You can also add existing videos and documents to your employee handbook so that your employees can easily access them.

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