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  • eCommerce knowledge base templates
  • eCommerce knowledge base templates
  • eCommerce knowledge base templates
  • eCommerce knowledge base templates
  • eCommerce knowledge base templates
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About This Template

Why build an eCommerce knowledge base?

Modern customers demand seamless self-service experiences. In fact, according to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report, 88% of customers expect brands to provide an online self-service support portal. That’s precisely why you need to create an online eCommerce knowledge base where customers instantly find answers to their questions about your product offering, delivery, payment, and much more.

Creating a comprehensive eCommerce knowledge base provides two significant benefits. First, it empowers customers to address any concerns they have, on their own, without resorting to time-consuming calls and emails. Second, it brings down your support ticket volume by up to 80%, giving your agents a sigh of relief. This way, they get enough time to resolve critical problems.

What does an e-commerce knowledge base consist of?

An eCommerce knowledge base comprises all information customers and prospects require to effectively use your products and services. It serves as a one-stop help center where customers can find help in a matter of minutes.

Ideally, an eCommerce help section should have details about refunds and returns, payment methods, product delivery, order tracking, subscriptions, shipping costs, and more. It provides answers to all common as well complex questions customers may have. While customers use it to resolve issues, prospects need it to make an informed purchase decision.

Who needs an eCommerce knowledge base?

All eCommerce companies, big or small, need a self-help knowledge base. Whether a business took a plunge into eCommerce recently or is well-established in this domain, having an online knowledge base is a prerequisite to customer delight.

Besides, if your support ticket volume is rising like never before and your agents are always buried under a heap of tickets, it’s time you created an eCommerce knowledge base. Taking the self-service approach can prove instrumental in reducing your ticket volume and keeping your customers delighted.

How to use this eCommerce knowledge base template?

Using this template is easy. The template provides a framework for putting content specific to your business. It already has a table of contents and a home page with dummy content. Replace the dummy content with valuable information related to your business. Add your company logo and brand name. Change the sections and subsections the way you want.

You can also increase the number of categories in your knowledge base. This free eCommerce knowledge base template can help you create a stunning knowledge base in no time.

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