Healthcare Help Center Template
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Healthcare Help Center Template
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Healthcare Help Center Template
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Healthcare Help Center Template
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What Is a Healthcare Help Center?

A Healthcare Help Center is a centralized portal that securely stores critical healthcare information to help healthcare providers make informed decisions and deliver exceptional patient care. It is a carefully curated online platform with information about patients, medical processes, diseases, treatments, and much more, along with images and videos, neatly structured for easy access.

With reliable health services information accessible 24x7, healthcare professionals are better positioned to provide effective treatments to patient problems.

What is a Healthcare Help Center

Why Is a Healthcare Help Center Indispensable for Healthcare Organizations?

The key to flawless healthcare services is timely access to knowledge, and that’s exactly what a Healthcare Help Center provides. It enables healthcare organizations to:

Improves Patient Care with free templates
Improve Patient Care

Inaccurate information about patients and medical processes can impact the quality of the care patients receive. An online Healthcare Help Center tremendously improves patient care by equipping healthcare providers with up-to-date information on disease, symptoms, procedures, and much more.

Help Patients Help Themselves

With everything moving to digital, patients expect healthcare services to be digitalized too. With a Healthcare Customer Help Center, patients can access their medical records, track treatment progress, and stay on top of their communication with doctors, anytime they want, all on their own.

Helps Patients with self service
Powers Quick & Practical Decisions
Powers Quick & Practical Decisions

Building an online help center for healthcare allows healthcare professionals to be even more informed, enabling them to make quick and practical medical decisions. Having access to a pool of medical knowledge, well-structured and easily searchable, allows medical workers to make accurate diagnoses and provide effective solutions

Creates a Culture of Continuous Learning

Medical procedures and healthcare technology tend to get obsolete with time. With a centralized Healthcare Help Center, healthcare professionals can work together under a single roof to share their unique experiences, observations, and insights. This creates a learning culture and also keeps the Healthcare Help Center updated.

creates a learning culture with healthcare helpcenter templates

What to Include in a Healthcare Help Center?

A Healthcare Help Center is an online repository of the latest medical knowledge, including:
Healthcare Help Center template checklist

About ProProfs Healthcare Help Center Template

The Healthcare Help Center template developed and designed by ProProfs is an essential tool that makes the process of creating and publishing healthcare content much easier. Fully customizable and easy to use, this healthcare company help center template puts you on the right path from the very beginning. There are fewer distractions regarding the structure and design and full focus towards what matters the most - writing great content.

ProProfs Healthcare Helpcenter Template

How to Create a Comprehensive Healthcare Help Center

Creating a help center for healthcare organizations requires a great deal of hard work, focus, and consistency. Here are five steps to make this journey easier for you:

Have a Clear Objective
Step 1: Build a Team of Seasoned Healthcare Professionals

A Healthcare Help Center is a massive information library that a single person can’t manage. Create a medical team comprising experts with varying experience levels to manage the content creation process from start to finish. Let them put their unique knowledge to work and contribute collectively towards building a thriving help center.

Think From Customers' Perspective
Step 2: Provide Contextual Help

Since a healthcare knowledge base is both for doctors and patients, it is ideal to tone it down to the simplest level. Providing contextual help using tooltips, lightboxes, and popups assists in explaining complicated medical terms and concepts. This ensures that anyone browsing the help center - beginners, experts, or patients can quickly grasp what’s written.

Decide What You are Going to Cover
Step 3: Create a Bullet-Proof Security System

A Healthcare Help Center can have sensitive content that should not be available to the public. Create a strong security system by allowing only authorized people to access specific content. You can also set rules and conditions on sensitive content to hide or display sensitive content only to a selected group of people.

Let Your Team Collaborate
Step 4: Review & Revise

Accuracy of content is paramount while creating a Healthcare Help Center. Setting workflow rules allow your medical team of writers to get the content reviewed by experts before publishing. They can set the status of each article for transparency and request reviews from experts for higher accuracy.

Review & Publish
Step 5: Update & Improve

For your Healthcare Help Center to be always up-to-date with the most recent information, it’s crucial to gauge and improve its performance from time to time. Use our AI-powered reports to find the best and worst-performing articles, most viewed content, failed searches, and more. Analyze this data to identify knowledge gaps and healthcare topics that need improvement.

How to Use This Template

This free medical help center template by ProProfs is a breeze to use. Start by adding your logo and brand name. You can retain the existing categories or create new ones if you want. Add healthcare-related content to each of the categories, and you are good. This medical website template saves you from all the heavy lifting by providing a ready-made framework that helps you get started right away.

how to use healthcare help center templates

Best Practices to Create an Impressive Healthcare Help Center

Anyone can create a help center. But to take a Healthcare Help Center from average to exceptional needs something extra. Here are five practical tips to help you do that.

 Include Visuals in Your Content
Include Visuals in Your Content

A Healthcare Help Center doesn’t have to be boring. While explaining medical concepts, diseases, symptoms, treatments, etc., use relevant images and videos to make your content more impactful. Visuals increase engagement and help readers better understand healthcare information.

Structure for Easy Browsing
Structure for Easy Browsing

It is easy to get lost while browsing through a massive repository of healthcare articles. Give your help center a logical structure by creating broad categories for each topic, a table of contents, and a ‘related articles’ section at the bottom of each page.

Interlink Articles for Seamless Navigation
Interlink Articles for Seamless Navigation

Interlinking related articles is a great way to direct readers from one useful article to the other or one procedure to the other, in just a few clicks. It makes navigation easier as readers don’t have to make an effort to jump from one page to the other.

Keep healthcare help center template Simple
Keep It Neat & Simple

Doctors mostly use the Healthcare Help Center when they are already struggling with a problem requiring immediate solutions. A huge wall of text can make it hard for them to find what they need. Keep your help center as simple and neat as possible. Write short paragraphs, add bullet points, and don’t forget to add that breathing space between articles.

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