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Why create an online help center?

If you are a healthcare firm, creating an online help center can work wonders for you. It enables you to provide your customers with a platform where they can access health-related information instantly. By going online, reach out to more people, members of your healthcare community or even the general public. Building a web-based healthcare hub will empower your customer base to find information on every aspect of healthcare from wellness and immunization to health insurance and pharmacy. Whether a person is looking for assistance related to elderly healthcare, general healthcare or needs counseling on health-related matters, all he or she has to do is browse your platform to get accurate information in minutes. This will significantly reduce tickets and boost the productivity of your support staff as they don’t have to answer simple and same questions multiple times.

Delight your customers with a searchable help center

With a massive volume of information in one place, readers might get lost and confused. You have to make sure that your help center is searchable, meaning, it should have an intuitive user interface with intelligent search functionalities to provide a seamless browsing experience. ProProfs Knowledge Base software offers a Google-like search feature to enable visitors to find information quickly. It helps you provide relevant content-related suggestions to your clients and drive them to a suitable page or article where they can find the required information.

How is an ideal healthcare help center like?

An ideal healthcare help center should comprise information like the list of doctors working with you, the facilities provided by you, treatments you specialize in, health insurance plans, etc. It should also have information on overall wellness and general health. Your online healthcare platform should be easily accessible and compatible with multiple devices so that your customers can access it on-the-go. It should be easy to understand with medical jargons, and concepts explained clearly in simple language. It should be well structured and organized so that your customers can navigate smoothly and find information quickly.

How to use healthcare company customer help center templates?

You can start creating a help center immediately using the medical website templates provided by Proprofs. All you have to do is replace the placeholder information with healthcare-related content that you want to include in your help center. The template is easy to use and provides a framework where you can create content from scratch or import content from word docs or PDFs. You can even upload images and videos easily into your help center and use the right font, theme, and design to brand it the way you want.

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