HR Documentation Template
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HR Documentation Template
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HR Documentation Template
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HR Documentation Template
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What is HR Documentation?

HR Documentation is a one-stop platform with all critical information related to your company policies, recruitment process, and employee records safely stored. It is a comprehensive document detailing all necessary HR processes right from enrollment and onboarding to retirement and resignation of employees.

Easy to access and maintain, this documentation puts a full stop to the unnecessary back and forth by giving HR teams everything they need right on their screens.

Definition of HR Documentation

Why is HR Documentation a Must-Have for Your Business?

HR documentation makes the life of your HR staff a lot easier. Like this, there are various other benefits that HR documentation provides, such as:

Reducing the Paperwork at workplace
Reduces the Tedious Paperwork

A comprehensive HR document reduces the time-consuming paperwork to a large extent. Every time your HR staff needs to look at employee records, onboarding details, or company policies, they can simply refer to your HR documentation and get what they need in seconds. No more stack of files to handle for simple tasks!

Boosts Your HR Team’s Productivity

Most of the time, HR team members hustle around the office, even for menial tasks. This is a giant productivity killer. With a dedicated document for all HR processes, your HR staff can carry out the day’s tasks right from their workstations. No more energy-draining back and forth!

Boosts Your HR Team’s Productivity
Secure Sensitive Information with HR documentation
Keeps Sensitive Information Secure

Misuse of employees’ sensitive information can put you in legal trouble. With HR documentation software, you can have complete control over who can access what in your documentation. It offers a robust access control system that allows only authorized individuals to access specific folders in the HR document.

Speed-Up the Hiring Process

Hiring employees is a tedious process involving a lot of paperwork. With a well-structured online HR document, your HR team has all employee details, recruitment process, and policies handy. This helps them speed up the hiring process and onboard employees effectively to your organization.

Speed-Up the Hiring Process

What to Include in Your HR Documentation?

Web-based HR documentation should cover all information your HR team needs to work smoothly. Here are some of the contents you add to your HR document:

HR Documentation content

About ProProfs HR Documentation Template

ProProfs HR documentation template is easy to use and completely customizable. It is designed with the aim to take half of the load off your shoulders, so you don’t have to create the entire document from scratch. The template has ready-made topic-relevant sections and subsections and a proper space to put your brand name and logo. Tweak the template as you need and get started on the right foot.

HR Documentation Template by ProProfs

5 Steps to Create Robust HR Documentation

Want to create HR documentation but don’t know where to start? Here are five easy steps to get your documentation off the ground:
Step 1: Set Your Goal

There should be a solid reason for creating HR documentation. Conduct a meeting with your HR team and identify the challenges they face. Do they find hiring difficult due to lack of a centralized document, or are they exhausted by the paperwork? Discuss with your team and identify your objectives.

Step 2: Assign Roles to HR Team Members

Once you know your objectives, it’s time to start writing. But before getting to the writing part, it’s crucial to identify the people working on the HR document. For a streamlined content creation process, assign specific roles such as editor, contributor, and administrator to the right members of the team.

Step 3: Start Writing

Now your team can start working on the document’s content. Deploy HR documentation templates and let your team write and edit content in a collaborative manner. If you already have some information stored in word docs and PDF files, import them directly to the template and push up the document creation process.

Step 4: Review the Content

HR documentation is a crucial company resource on which the functioning of your HR department depends. Therefore, it’s vital to review each article that goes in the document. Set up a workflow review and approval system that allows writers to set the status for articles and get them reviewed by editors.

Step 5: Take Your Document Live

After reviewing all articles, take them live. Publish the article across the web and the mobile, and also allow teams to download it as an ebook or print it if needed.

How to Use This HR Documentation Template

This online HR documentation template requires no coding knowledge or specialized skills. It is effortless to use and works beautifully on all devices. As you start working with the template, you will find that it has a predefined theme, categories, and fonts. But that’s not set in stone.

You can customize the template as you need and start filling in useful information across categories. Add visuals, structure your content, and your document will be good to go in minutes.

How to Use This HR Documentation Template

Best Practices to Take Your HR Documentation to the Next Level

Here are some golden best practices to polish your HR documentation and turn it into an awesome company resource.
Keep Your Writing Simple

The articles should be written in simple language that’s easy to read and understand. Avoid lengthy paragraphs as they can be overwhelming for readers. Use bullet points where convenient. If you use jargon, explain them right away or in the Glossary section of the document.

Make the Most of Visuals

Visuals can take your HR documentation to the next level. They can make your articles more engaging and interesting to read. Find opportunities for adding images and videos in relevant articles. For example, you can explain a complex company policy using a video and help employees grasp the concept quickly.

Improve Document’s Performance

As policies change and HR processes improve, the document will need to be updated. For your HR staff to have the latest and most accurate information, continuous performance monitoring of the document is essential. Identify articles that need to be improved or rewritten and keep your documentation always updated.

Give It a Beautiful Structure

Use free HR documentation templates to create a beautifully-structured document. Create a homepage, a table of contents, and divide each topic into various sub-topics. Start from the essential topics and then deep dive into complex matters. You can also use anchor links in articles to help readers navigate to the right article.

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