Process Documentation Template
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Process Documentation Template
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Process Documentation Template
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Process Documentation Template
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What Is Process Documentation?

Businesses run on various processes - some simple and some complex. Process documentation records these processes, explaining them in a step-by-step way and making their execution easier. It provides a detailed explanation of how a process works and how it helps employees complete specific tasks. The information in the document is presented in the form of how-to articles along with images, videos, and screenshots so that it is easy to follow. A well-structured process document guides employees at every step, turning them into better decision-makers and performers.

Definition of process documentation

What Can Process Documentation Do for You?

Creating online process documentation is a worthwhile investment that pays off in the form of improved work efficiency and performance. Below are some of the benefits that this document provides:

Trains Employees
Trains Employees

Process documentation gives new employees a reliable source of information to look for work processes specific to their roles and departments. Existing employees can also use this document to refresh their knowledge of processes for error-free execution.

Improves Existing Processes

Documenting business processes brings flaws to the surface, allowing you to make the necessary improvements. It also shows which processes are obsolete so you can get rid of them on time.

Improves Existing Processes
Boosts Workplace Efficiency
Boosts Workplace Efficiency

When all business processes pertaining to different departments are documented systematically on a centralized platform, work gets easier, and employee efficiency shoots up.

Easy to Store and Access

Processes are easy to store and access when documented. Written records of processes ensure that employees are on the same page. It also prevents them from inventing their own versions of processes.

Easy to Store and Access

What to Include in Process Documentation?

A process document explains processes from start to finish and includes the following details:
Process documentation content

About ProProfs Process Documentation Template

Building process documentation is time-consuming, especially when you have to create everything from scratch. Worry not. Our ready-to-use process documentation template is here to make your job easier. Easy to use and fully customizable, this template helps you start and end the document creation process on the right foot.

PorProfs proceess documentation template example

Simple Steps to Create Process Documentation

Documenting business processes is a tedious task. Follow these simple steps to create a compelling process document in minutes:
Step 1: Develop a Plan

Before you begin with the process, create a plan of action. Decide which processes you wish to document and why. Define the steps you will be following and identify the employees who will be involved in creating the document.

Step 2: Define the Processes & Their Purpose

While creating the documentation, ensure that you explain the processes and their purpose. State the outcome that employees can expect by executing a process. Explain how these processes will help employees work better.

Step 3: Explain the Steps

Each process will have multiple steps that should be clearly explained from start to finish. You can also demonstrate the steps using relevant images and videos for easier understanding.

Step 4: Involve Process Experts

Process documentation is best created in collaboration. Encourage process experts to come together to share what they know about your business processes. Define the roles of each expert so that they can work in harmony and generate excellent results.

Step 5: Review & Publish

Have a workflow approval system where experts can set a status for each article and request reviews and contributions from other members. Once the document is thoroughly reviewed by editors, it can be published across the web and mobile devices.

How to Use This Template

The process documentation template developed by ProProfs aims to make the process of content creation easier and faster. It comes with a pre-defined structure comprising a table of contents, topic-specific sections, and subsections, along with the space to add your company logo and name. Fill the template with content related to your processes, add visuals and create more categories if you want. This free process documentation template is fully customizable, allowing you to change the header, footer, colors, and alignment - just the way you want.

Uses of process documentation template

Best Practices for Creating Process Documentation

These actionable best practices will take your process documentation from average to awesome.
Review and Revise Regularly

As processes change, it’s important to record the changes in the documentation to keep it relevant and updated for employees. Have a dedicated team to review and revise the content regularly as processes improve or change.

Harness the Power of Visuals

Processes are explained better with images, videos, and flowcharts. Add relevant visuals to demonstrate steps and help employees understand your business processes to the core. Turn your process documentation into an engaging information resource by using the right visuals in the right places.

Make Your Documentation Easily Accessible

Your process documentation should be accessible to employees across departments. Although you can restrict confidential processes to specific people, the rest of the document should be accessible to all. Publish the documentation on a platform that is accessible 24x7 across mobile and web.

Make Documentation Quick to Search

If employees have to toil to find process information, it will defeat the purpose of creating online documentation. Ensure that the document runs on a Google-like search system that delivers quick answers to customer questions. Opt for process documentation software with powerful search capabilities to create a highly searchable document.

Keep the Document Simple

Too much information can be overwhelming, and too little can be confusing. It’s better not to dive into a lot of details while writing about processes. Provide only necessary information that can be of real help to employees. Explain processes in a simple way using flowcharts and keep your document to the point.

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