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Why create online process documentation?

Any business, regardless of its scope and size, cannot run in silos. It has various internal processes intertwined together for the efficient running of an organization. Documenting these steps online is crucial as it gives your workforce a peek into how your business operates. The processes adopted by your firm to achieve different goals cannot be understood in a single go. Creating web-based process documentation facilitates your workforce with any time, anywhere access and empowers them to educate themselves about the work processes integral to your organization, without any formal training.

How to improve your online process documentation?

You can enhance the performance of your documentation by including updated and accurate content in it. The intelligent search feature by ProProfs helps you make your document searchable. You can provide readers with the page and content-related suggestions and also include cross-referencing to drive them to a particular page or article that has the most appropriate information. Besides this, you can explain important steps with the help of diagrams, images, and videos, giving your employees a holistic understanding of your business processes.

How to put the documentation online?

Putting your documentation online is extremely simple with the process documentation template provided by ProProfs. You can create content or import existing content from word docs or PDFs. You can make your documentation engaging by uploading images and videos. Provide your employees with an end-to-end understanding of your business processes by simplifying complicated terms and concepts using tooltips, lightboxes, and pop-ups. ProProfs ensures that your online process document works great on mobiles, laptops, and tablets, giving your workforce on-the-spot access.

How to use this template?

You can start creating web-based process documentation immediately using process documentation template by ProProfs. The template provides you with a basic structure using which you can quickly author content or transfer content from files and upload images & videos. We have set a format for the table of contents and other pages. All you need to do is replace our placeholder information with your content, and your process documentation will be ready in no time.

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