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What Is Training Documentation?

Training documentation is a cloud-based document comprising crucial information about a company’s work processes, policies, products, services, and much more. With training material accessible at fingertips, employees can be their productive best at work.

The document presents how-to articles and step-by-step instructions that guide employees at every step, answering most of their questions. This cuts out the time wasted in emails, calls, and shoulder taps, further increasing workplace efficiency.

Definition of Training Documentation

What Can Training Documentation Do for You?

Training documentation constantly guides employees every time they are stuck at work, confused with something, or need a helping hand. With valuable information just a few clicks away, employee productivity and performance improves over time. Let's look at some of the key benefits of training documentation:

Enables Better Decision-Making
Enables Better Decision-Making

Training documentation empowers employees to make better and faster decisions at work. A reliable information resource to refer to provides clarity to employees, eliminating all the to and fro and helping them make decisions confidently.

Creates a Self-Learning Culture

It is said self-learning is the best learning. It's fast, convenient, and works 24x7. Since training documentation is cloud-based, it allows employees to learn on the go, at their pace, regardless of where they are and what they are doing.

Creates a Self-Learning Culture
Reduces Internal Support Ticket Volume
Shoots-Up Productivity & Performance

Productivity dips when employees have to constantly look for information scattered across documents and emails. With training documentation, information is just a click away. This means employees can utilize their time in doing what matters, leading to higher productivity and better performance.

Time & Cost Saving

Training each employee individually or organizing offline training can cost exorbitantly both in terms of time and money. Training documentation rids you of all such expenses. Just initial investment in the right software and devoting some time to create and manage the document - that's all it needs.

 Save Time and Cost with training documentation template

What to Include in Training Documentation?

Training documentation covers everything employees need to stay updated and productive at work. Here is what an ideal training resource must have:

Training Documentation content

About This Template

Our training documentation template is carefully created to make the writing process simpler for you. It has predefined categories and sub-categories, dedicated space for adding brand name and logo, and a table of contents. Consider half of your job done as you don’t have to build anything from the ground up. This free training documentation template is ready-to-use, customizable, and beautifully designed to suit your needs.

About ProProfs Training Documentation Template

Steps to Create Online Training Documentation

Creating a document as comprehensive as this one requires a systematic approach. Learn how you can build a top-notch training document with these easy steps:

Step 1: Set an Objective

Having a clear objective sets you on the right path and eliminates any confusion coming in the way. Before you start creating the manual, ensure that the goals you want to accomplish with your training documentation are crystal clear.

Step 2: Decide What to Include

Training documentation can have as much or as little information you want. The idea is to find a balance and provide employees with just the right amount of information that can be of real help. Decide the most valuable information that should go in the document and get started.

Step 3: Focus on Its Structure & Presentation

A comprehensive training document with lots of information can get overwhelming for employees. Give it a beautiful structure and presentation by creating a table of contents, categories, and subcategories for each topic. Let the information flow logically and make navigation a breeze.

Step 4: Publish Error-Free Content

It takes time to build employees’ trust and a single mistake to break it. For your document to be trustworthy, it must pass through a strict review process before going live. Ensure that the training document is reliable and has the most updated information.

How to Use This Template

This training documentation template turns document creation and publishing into a cakewalk. With all the groundwork already done, you simply have to focus on writing, editing, and publishing. Just add your company’s name and logo, customize the template as you want, add more categories or rename the existing ones, start adding content, and voila. Your documentation will be ready in minutes!

How to Use training documentation Template

Best Practices to Level-up Your Training Documentation

Training documentation makes learning and development a continuous process. That’s precisely why it’s an asset for organizations, both large and small. Learn how to take your documentation one level up with these best practices.

Keep the Document Updated
Use Visuals for Immersive Learning

Images and videos can turn an otherwise dull document into an interesting source of information. Add visuals at the right places to explain your work processes, policies, products, and services. Provide an engaging learning experience to employees at every step.

Keep Document Simple
Bring the Best Minds Together

Modern training documentation software allows collaborative content authoring and editing where different employees and teams can build the content collaboratively. While some can be contributors, others can be editors and administrators, depending on their skills and knowledge.

Make visually appealing documentation
Tailor the Document to Suit Your Brand

How a document looks and feels is as important as the information it provides. For the document to look good and feel familiar, it should align well with your brand voice. Design the training document using colors, fonts, and themes that match your company’s branding.

Specify Who is Responsible for What
Improve, Update & Repeat

Managing training documentation is a continuous process requiring constant improvements and updates. AI-powered reports offered by training documentation software help you track obsolete articles and irrelevant keywords, ensuring that your document stays fresh and up-to-date.

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