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Why create online training documentation?

Use training documentation template to create easily-accessible online documents, using which employees can find answers instantly without any external support. It’s the best way to delight your employees and keep them interested and curious about your organization. Let them access information anytime, anywhere and from any device. This will cut down your training costs significantly and save you ample time, as it eliminates the need to organize separate training sessions for new recruits. Still doubtful? Go through some training documentation samples and you will get a gist of how it can help.

How is an ideal training documentation like?

An ideal training documentation should be web-based and should provide some essential benefits like 24*7 access, compatibility with various devices, time-saving, etc. What else? It should have the right features in place. It should have an intelligent search feature that makes navigating easy for readers. An intuitive user interface helps in delivering a seamless browsing experience to readers plus, a feedback section is instrumental in gathering responses from employees. Online training documentation should be built in a way that it supports integration with Google Analytics, that facilitates tracking of crucial data like the most searched topic and most visited page. By analyzing these insights, you can bring relevant improvements in your documentation.

Provide context-sensitive help to your employees

One of the best training documentation examples is that of an online document that provides a holistic understanding to readers. A training document is bound to have information on various subjects relevant to your organization, hence, it’s obvious that there will be terms, concepts, and rules that readers will not be able to understand in a go. The best way to deal with this is to embed tooltips, lightboxes, popups and crosslinking to describe jargons specific to your organization, explain policies and rules in detail and provide additional information by directing readers to a different article. This will ensure that your employees get what they are looking for instantly.

How to use this training documentation template?

It’s very simple. The template provides a basic outline for creating effective training documents. All you have to do is replace our placeholder information with your own content. Embed table of contents to structure it well and you can also include relevant images, infographics, and videos that gel well with the content. Choose from an array of themes, fonts, and designs to make the document visually-rich. Transform the home page of your document by customizing and branding it using your company’s logo. Once the designing part is done, all you have to do is create new content or if you have existing files, you can even transfer them in this document.

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