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What is an IT Help Center?

An IT help center is a one-stop platform that helps employees troubleshoot IT-related issues quickly and easily. It comprises IT processes, troubleshooting steps, and other technical information explained in a structured way that is easy to read and understand. Seamless to search and quick to access, an IT help center provides an instant solution to technical problems employees face at work.

IT Help Center

What Can an IT Help Center Do for You?

An IT self-service help center is an asset for your business. Let’s see how.
Reduce Support Tickets
Reduce Internal IT Support Tickets

For some employees, even simple tasks like clearing cache or fixing unresponsive browsing can be daunting. With a dedicated IT help center, employees get all the assistance they need right at their fingertips. This means they don’t have to raise tickets and contact your IT support staff every other day for basic issues.

Help Your IT Staff Solve Issues Faster

An IT help center comes in handy for your IT staff every time they are troubleshooting IT issues. With easy and instant access to IT processes and step-by-step guides, your IT team can resolve tickets faster. No more wasting time digging through scattered files, emails, and drives to get the information they need.

Help Your IT Staff
Improve Employee Efficiency
Improve Employee Efficiency

Employees’ work efficiency takes a hard hit when they spend most of their day looking for ways to solve technical problems. Besides a dedicated IT department, having an easily accessible IT help center is a huge plus. It reduces shoulder taps and unnecessary to and fro by giving employees everything they need right on their screens.

Help in Employee Onboarding

When new people join your IT team, they need complete guidance to kickstart their journey on the right foot. An IT help center helps them get acquainted with your IT processes, internal network system, and much more. This brings them up to speed faster, and they can start working on IT tickets without missing a beat.

Help in Employee Onboarding

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What to Include in Your IT Help Center?

Ideally, an IT help center should cover all crucial information that employees need to overcome any technical challenges they face at work. Here’s what you can add to your IT help center to make it truly valuable for your employees:

what to include

About This Template

ProProfs IT help center template is carefully designed by our experts to make the process of creating an online self-help center fuss-free for you. It offers a pre-designed framework comprising a table of contents, topic-relevant sections, and a dedicated space for your company’s branding. This beautiful template takes half of the workload off your shoulders so you can stay laser-focused on creating top-notch content.

About this Template

How to Create an IT Help Center

Creating a help center for IT companies is an uphill task, especially when there is little clarity on how the entire process goes. Here are five easy-to-execute steps you can follow to get your help center up and running in no time:

 Identify Your Objective
Step 1: Identify Your Objective

Why do you need an IT help center? Is it because your IT support tickets are on a steady rise? Or your IT team needs a handy resource for quick ticket resolution? Ask such questions to yourself and your IT team, identify the objective, and then kick-start the process.

Decide a Structure
Step 2: Decide a Structure

Once you have clarity on your goals, set up a structure for your IT help center. The structure should be logical and include a home page, a table of contents, and topic-wise categories. Also, decide the number of topics you want to add and the ideal length of each article.

Let Your Team Work in Collaboration
Step 3: Let Your Team Work in Collaboration

Now that you have a structure ready and an online help center template in place, start working on the content. Let your IT team collaborate to create useful content for each topic and manage the help center end-to-end. This ensures that top-quality content is produced in less time.

 Review & Fix Errors
Step 4: Review & Fix Errors

While writing, mistakes are likely to happen. Build a streamlined workflow review and approval process that allows writers to get all articles checked by editors and IT experts. With a transparent review process, it’s easy to spot errors and fix them before articles are published online.

Keep Improving
Step 5: Keep Improving

Your work doesn’t end here. After reviewing and publishing the help center, it is crucial to keep a check on the content relevance and quality. Measure help center performance using metrics like upvotes and downvotes, most read articles, etc., for continuous improvement.

How to Use This Template

This IT help center template is super easy to use. You have a framework in place. Now just add your company’s brand name and logo in the space provided. Then fill in the categories with the necessary content. Add more categories or rename them if needed. This template is 100% customizable, so you can also change the colors, fonts, and themes to create an online help center that resonates with your brand.

How To Use this template

Best Practices to Boost Your IT Help Center’s Performance

You follow a few steps and get your help center ready. But that’s not enough. There is a lot more you can do to boost the performance of your IT help center. Here are some impeccable tips to achieve top-notch help center quality:

Make Articles Easy to Skim
Make Articles Easy to Skim

Large blocks of text are a big No as they end up intimidating readers. Break down large paragraphs into small blocks of text that are quick to digest. Add line breaks, sub-headings, and bullet points to make articles easy to read. You can also use callouts and add breathing space to articles to make content scanning a smooth process.

iInterlink Articles Strategically
Interlink Articles Strategically

Interlinking can make help center scanning a lot easier and time-saving. It helps you direct your readers to the right piece of content in just a couple of clicks. But interlinking should be done with caution. Putting wrong links can confuse readers even more, and they are more likely to raise a ticket in that case.

Focus on the Design
Focus on the Design

Brushing the design part of the help center under the carpet is going to do no good. The design of your IT help center is equally important as the content. To give your help center a beautiful design, use the right fonts, themes, colors, and alignment that resonate with your company’s branding. You can also add images and videos for more engagement.

Add Feedback Forms
Add Feedback Forms

If you want to know whether or not the help center is actually helpful for your employees, add a feedback form to each article. This form contains a question - Was this information helpful? There are two answer options for this question - Yes and No, along with a comment box for detailed feedback. Based on readers’ responses, you can further improve the article's quality.

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