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Why create a web-based IT help center?

IT companies are all putting their customer help centers online for two reasons: 1) customers prefer them, and 2) they cost less than IT support staff. Studies have shown that 91% of customers are open to using online help resources, and 67% of customers state a preference for being able to access help online vs. calling in, emailing, opening a ticket, or otherwise interacting with IT support staff.

What makes online help centers better for IT companies?

Staffing IT support staff can be a major headache. Finding and training qualified support employees can be a constant struggle, and turnover can be high. The cost of maintaining a large support team was once required of IT companies, but with an online help center, IT companies can reduce their support overhead while simultaneously delighting customers with instant support right where they need it. The combination of cost reduction and customer satisfaction is a huge opportunity for IT companies and the reason online help centers are becoming a required part of doing business.

Delight customers with an online help center

Customers prefer being able to access information about your IT product online because it makes it easier for them to solve problems by themselves. They like being able to access user manuals, tutorials,and FAQs on their own schedules. ProProfs has built-in context-sensitive help, which allows IT companies to build help right into their products, further improving the user experience. Our powerful search functionality is automatically front-and-center on the template home page so that your customers can find exactly what they need when they need it.

How to use this IT help center template

You can get started right away by using this template. Simply begin by updating the logo and color scheme to fit your brand. We have outlined some basic elements of an IT help center so that you can see how you can organize your information to make it easy to access for your customers. You probably already have a lot of the content you need to build out an online help center, so getting your help center online may be as easy as uploading your images, documents, and videos.

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