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Why create an online operations manual?

A web-based operations manual is integral for the smooth functioning of your organization primarily because it is the support system of your business. It provides employees with a wealth of information on how to perform their roles and responsibilities with perfection. Besides this, it also introduces them to essential company information, its standard operating procedures, a contact list of all the employees, the procedure to follow in case of emergency situations and much more. With a full-fledged and carefully-built online operations manual in place, you can be unperturbed about how your employees will fit into the work dynamics of your business. An online operations manual gives them a holistic understanding of how to carry out their work with utmost efficiency. It can be accessed anytime and from any device, thus giving them the added advantage of referring to the manual as per their convenience.

What are the best practices in an operations manual?

An operations manual is a great tool to keep your workforce abreast of the working mechanism of your business, but its impact rises significantly if it is made available online. An online operations manual is way more effective and powerful than that in printed form. Next, your operations manual should be highly searchable, with a Google-like search feature to make browsing, a breeze for your employees. Your manual should not leave employees stranded midway. Hence it’s important to provide them with contextual help in the form of tooltips, lightboxes, and popups, wherever necessary, to ensure that they get an end-to-end understanding of your operations manual.

Make your operations manual employee-friendly

Since your operations manual is created specifically for your workforce, you should make sure that it is employee-friendly and has everything that your employees need to carry out their work with efficiency. Plain text with no supporting images or videos, is a complete no. Your operations manual should engage your employees, and for this, you should include relevant videos and images that blend well with the content. The more interesting your operations manual will be, the more successful it will be in retaining the attention of your employees. To make your employees feel valued and part of the organization, include a feedback section in your manual, where they can post comments about their experience.

How to use this operations manual template?

It’s pretty simple to use. All you have to do is remove the placeholder content with the information you want to include in the manual. The operational documentation template by ProProfs provides a basic outline that will help you get started. You can upload PDFs or documents easily in the template and also add your company logo and adjust the color scheme so that the manual blends well with your brand. A proper template in place will help you put your operations manual together in a hassle-free way.

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