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Why create online system documentation?

An online system documentation is vital to provide your employees with a central platform that houses information on your software architecture, hardware layout, communication architecture, etc. This is mainly to ensure that your workforce that’s spread across different offices maintains uniformity while developing software or hardware products. To save the time and effort of your squad of developers, they should be able to access information instantly while they are building products. The option of reaching out to members of different teams through email or phone call is always there, but why make the task tedious when it can be as simple as a breeze with online system documentation.

What makes online system documentation better?

ProProfs facilitates you with features like intelligent search functionality, compatibility with multiple devices and browsers, and many more. Every feature has a significant role to play in providing your employees with an exceptional experience. Also, features like merge tags help you update content instantly, providing readers with the latest information on the software or hardware guidelines. Having online system documentation in place is a sure-shot way to keep your employees abreast of the software and hardware architecture followed by your firm.

Context-sensitive help to simplify technical content?

ProProfs Knowledge Base provides context-sensitive help, leveraging which you can include tooltips, lightboxes, and pop-ups to describe jargons or simplify complicated concepts that are difficult to understand. Your employees will get a full understanding of the content of your system documentation, leaving them with no confusion or doubts.

How to use this template?

For building online system documentation that delivers a stellar performance, all you need is a template that helps you write or upload content and add videos or images in a single click. System documentation template by ProProfs provides you with a basic framework. You just need to replace the placeholder information with your content. Put your firm’s logo and use the suitable color scheme, so that the system documentation you create meets your branding guidelines.

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