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Why create a web-based help manual?

An online help manual makes it easy for your customers to browse and find the information they need to know about your product or service. Users can easily access information anytime, anywhere, and on any device, without going through your customer support help desk or ticketing system. Keeping your help manual online means that your users are happier and your help desk is more efficient because they don’t need to answer the same question over and over again.

Add context-sensitive help to your website

When you put your help manual online with ProProfs, you can embed context-sensitive help. This valuable feature means that in addition to having all of your help manual available for browsing in one place, you can also put help right where your customers need it in your product. Easily and instantly direct users to answers, tools, and tips they need with context-sensitive help.

How to use this template

Our online help manual template is laid out so that you can quickly and easily add your own company branding and color scheme. We have outlined the basic elements of a help manual so all you have to do is replace our placeholder information with your content. If you already have help manuals in other formats, it’s easy to transfer your existing content into our structure.

What makes online help manuals better?

When your help manuals are trapped in Word or PDF docs, your customers have to actively ask for your help more frequently. But when you put your help manual online, your customers can access the information they need instantly and without your help.

Customers are happier with self-service on their own schedule, and your help desk receives fewer simple and repetitive questions, reducing the number of tickets and increasing your efficiency. Help desk agents can also use your online help manual articles as resources when providing help.

ProProfs’ online help manual template makes it easy for you to get your help manual online today. There is nothing to install and nothing complicated to learn. Our software makes it easy for you to create delightful help manuals that fit all screen sizes and are accessible on devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS, etc.

There’s no extra effort or coding at your end to get your help manual online. You simply work with our online software and everything, including tables, font sizes, large images, and screenshots are automatically resized to fit smaller screens. You can upload documents, videos, images, and more to make your online help manual even more valuable.

You can control who can access your help manual using our password feature, or keep your help manual open to the public. If your customers want a paper copy of your user manual, you don’t need to email or mail them anything - they can simply download your user manual as a PDF and print it themselves.

Online help manuals can be updated constantly, so your customers are always accessing the most recent information. You can even gather customer feedback and view analytics to determine pages that need to be updated or enhanced. Content can be freshened up and edited in real-time.

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