Policy & Procedure Manual Template
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Policy & Procedure Manual Template
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Policy & Procedure Manual Template
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Policy & Procedure Manual Template
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What Is a Policy & Procedure Manual?

A procedure manual is a one-stop platform that provides employees with all the guidance they need related to a company’s policies and work processes. It packs all work guidelines and company protocols in structured articles that are easy to read and understand. This manual is a great tool for employees to stay updated and work efficiently.

Policy & Procedure manual template

What Can a Procedure Manual Do for You?

A carefully-crafted procedure manual can be highly beneficial for your business. It can help you:
Boost Employee Productivity
Boost Employee Productivity

A procedure manual equips employees with all the information they need at their fingertips. From company policies to work processes, they can access anything they want in a matter of seconds. This saves employees loads of time and effort, helping them stay productive at work.

Prevent Miscommunication & Confusion

Miscommunication is likely to arise when employees do not have a source of information they can trust. With a well-developed procedure manual, employees get easy access to your business operations that leaves no scope for confusion.

Prevent Miscommunication & Confusion
Speed-Up Employee Training
Speed-Up Employee Training

Employee training and onboarding can be simplified with an easily accessible procedure manual. The manual contains thorough, step-by-step company procedures that make learning easy and hassle-free for employees.

What to Include in Your Procedure Manual?

An ideal procedure manual should include the following information:
What to Include in Your Procedure Manual

About This Template

Procedure manual templates are designed by experts at ProProfs to make the process of creating and editing content a breeze. The template comes with a pre-designed framework comprising all the necessary categories and subcategories. If you do not want to do the hard work of building everything from scratch, this policy and procedure manual template will give you all the help you need.

Procedure manual templates

How to Create an Impactful Procedure Manual

Here are 5 simple steps to get your procedure manual ready:
Step 1: Do Your Research Right

To write a procedure manual, you need to first research the policies and processes you would want to document. Connect with your HR team to identify the work guidelines and department-specific procedures that should be added to the manual.

Step 2: Create a Team

Once you are done with the research part, the next step is to build a dedicated team who will manage the content creation process from start to end. Identify key knowledge holders from different departments and assign them specific roles so that they can work in absolute sync.

Step 3: Build Content Around Policies & Procedures

There will be multiple policies and procedures worth documenting. Create groups of 2 or 3 people in the team and make them in charge of a single policy at a time. With such small groups, it’s easy to research and define the scope, benefits, and purpose of all company procedures.

Step 4: Get the Manual Reviewed by Experts

As your manual reaches completion, get it reviewed by experts who know your company policies and procedures inside out. Their suggestions on what to improve, add or delete can make your content more valuable and trustworthy.

Step 5: Publish Your Manual Across Web & Mobile

Make it easy for employees to access your manual by publishing it across the web and mobile devices. Modern procedure manual software helps you provide smooth learning experiences by allowing anytime, anywhere access.

How to Use This Template

This procedure manual template is a breeze to use. All you have to do is put relevant content in the categories provided. You can also rename the categories and add more if needed. The template is fully customizable. You can add your company’s logo and brand name and tweak the design to your liking.

procedure manual template

Best Practices for Creating a Procedure Manual

Here are some easy tips to get your procedure manual up and running:
Keep the Manual Simple & Clean

A prim and proper procedure manual is easy to read and understand. Use simple language, add bullet points in between paragraphs, and ensure that your content conveys the message clearly.

Focus on Its Design & Layout

A dull and drab manual can be a turn-off for employees. Give your manual an appealing look by using suitable colors, fonts, and themes. Create a homepage displaying key content categories and keep content styling consistent across all pages.

Make the Most of Visuals

The right visuals support written text, giving readers an immersive learning experience. Add graphs, charts, and videos wherever necessary to make learning fun and interactive for your employees.

Boost Searchability

Your manual should have a strong search system that pops up accurate article suggestions matching the keywords used in the queries. To boost searchability, you can add relevant keywords across articles and interlink related pages.

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