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Why create online procedures manual?

For a small business that is striving to create a positive growth curve, having a full-fledged online procedures manual is paramount, to ensure that its employees are fully aware of the practices and procedures to follow at work. A web-based procedures manual helps your employees get acquainted with your firm’s best practices, standard operating procedures, your approach to achieve business objectives, etc. It’s the best way to guide your workforce on the policies and procedures adopted by your firm. This will give them a direction to follow while developing products or delivering services. Since your manual is web-based, employees can access it anytime and from any device. Keeping it online will mean higher efficiency and productivity for your workforce, as they will have a carefully-crafted framework that they can refer to anytime.

What makes online procedures manual better?

Keeping procedures manual in word docs or PDFs doesn’t provide your employees the flexibility to access it on-the-go at any time as per their convenience, which means they have to ask for help more often and depend on their colleagues for everything. Having carefully-crafted online procedures manual empowers your workforce to access information instantly, thus enhancing their efficiency and productivity. They can now do more in less time, given the fact they don’t have to reach out to their colleagues and wait for information, to carry out important work. The knowledge base software provided by ProProfs helps you create online manuals that are compatible with all kinds of mobile phones, thus ensuring easy and quick accessibility.

Context-sensitive help for holistic understanding

ProProfs facilitates you with context-sensitive help using which you can add tooltips, popups and light boxes in your procedures manual, so as to explain jargons and convoluted concepts that your employees might not be able to comprehend. The primary purpose of providing contextual help is to ensure that readers get an end-to-end understanding of your procedures manual. A seamless browsing experience is important but what’s even more crucial is that your manual provides readers with the right help at the right time, and context-sensitive help is the best way to achieve this.

How to use this template?

We have laid down a basic structure in the form of procedures manual template to help you get started. The template provides a clear outline. You just need to replace the placeholder information with your content. You can either write or directly upload PDFs or word files in the business procedures manual template provided by ProProfs. Besides this, the template helps you add images and videos with a single click. Procedures manual template by ProProfs is all you need to start building unmatched online procedures manual for your workforce.

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