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Why create online training manuals?

Web-based training manuals are easily accessible, as your employees can refer to them anytime and from any device. Creating online manuals is the best way to train your workforce and keep them acquainted with the functions and work dynamics of your company. Unlike physical training, having a full-fledged online training manual in place saves you a lot of money and time. Your employees can access it as per their convenience and get information instantly. A searchable training manual ensures that newly-appointed employees have a smooth onboarding in your firm and they create a positive perception about the work they are going to do, from day one.

Make your training manual employee-friendly

Your training manual is the first thing new hires will go through, so you cannot afford to go wrong with it. Include content that’s easy to understand, with limited use of jargons. If at all, you are using jargons, make sure to use the context-sensitive help provided by ProProfs to simplify complicated terms and concepts. Also, ensure that the manual is searchable and offers suitable page and content-related suggestions to readers for easy navigation. Also, you should include cross-referencing in your training manual to direct employees to a relevant article or page that matches their search requirements.

What are the best practices in online training manuals?

An online training manual should be created with precision and should be error-free, as it’s the first thing your newly-hired employees will go through during onboarding. It should be customized specifically for your workforce and include information that they might need for a smooth onboarding. A plain manual that is full of text doesn’t retain the attention of readers for a longer time. For a training manual to be impactful, it should have the right mix of text, images, and videos. Also, the manual should be packaged beautifully using suitable designs, themes and fonts, giving it a professional look. It should have an intuitive user interface so that readers can navigate smoothly and get information quickly. The most important of all, it should have a dedicated section for employee feedback.

How to use training manual template?

A training manual template provides you with a basic framework to start creating an online training manual. It gives you an outline with placeholder information, which you have to replace with the content you want to include in the template. You can either write from scratch or transfer content from existing files. The training manual template by ProProfs also allows you to upload images and videos quickly. You can choose from a variety of fonts and themes to design your training manual and give it a beautiful appearance.

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