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Why create IT documentation?

Online IT Documentation is instrumental in reducing customer tickets to a great extent, as it empowers readers to solve queries by themselves, without any external assistance. A full-fledged web-based IT document represents your product, hence, it’s crucial that you create it carefully to leave the right impact on your clients. A highly-searchable document that is built with an intuitive interface and is easy to browse, is likely to keep customers satisfied.

How to improve your IT documentation?

It’s simple. Use our online documentation template to create a structured and organized IT documentation. The template provides you with a ready-made outline, completing half of your job. Choose from a wide range of themes and designs to package the document beautifully. You can also include relevant images and videos that are in tandem with the content of the web-based doc. Keep obsolescence an inch away by updating the document on a regular basis.

Provide context-sensitive help

It’s a fact that IT documentation is not easy to comprehend, given the jargons and difficult concepts associated with it. Use our documentation sample to create an IT document that provides exceptional search experience to your customers. Leverage context-sensitive help that comes in the form of tooltips, lightboxes, and popups to explain terms that are not so commonly used.

How to use this template?

Check out our documentation sample format to see how it works. It’s pretty easy. You just have to fill in information in the template, give it the look you want by adding the theme, font, and design of your choice. Add a table of contents so that it specifies the different sections of your document. Back the information with images and videos to provide a delightful experience to your readers.

Use This Template Preview
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