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Top 11 Employee Onboarding Software for Your Business in 2023

Employee Onboarding Software for Your Businesses

How a new hire’s journey unfolds and which direction it takes depends largely on the quality of onboarding received in the first few weeks of joining. 

No matter how meticulously you plan the employee onboarding process, it can go haywire, given the complex paperwork involved and the multiple training sessions that are conducted one after the other. This also takes a toll on your HR team, which constantly struggles to get things done. 

How do you make the process super-efficient and deliver a delightful experience right from day one? Employee onboarding software is your answer!

A powerful employee onboarding tool can automate various aspects of the process, take charge of all repetitive tasks, and empower new hires to self-learn.

To help you choose and deploy the right software, we have compiled a list of the best employee onboarding software that is worth considering. But before we explore the tools, let’s look at a few basics of employee onboarding software and why it is important.

What Is Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee onboarding software is a tool that digitizes all HR processes to make the transition of new hires smooth and seamless. It takes all mundane, administrative tasks out of the picture, giving HR teams ample time to focus on the work that really matters. From being a one-stop learning center for employees to managing all their data, the software can be used in multiple ways to ensure hassle-free onboarding. 

Why Do Businesses Need Employee Onboarding Software?

The right employee onboarding software can help your company in countless ways. We have covered the four best reasons that justify the need for such a tool:

1. Assists in Remote Employee Onboarding

 The lack of in-person interactions makes remote employee onboarding a challenging task. After all, no number of Google Meet and Zoom meetings can replace the warmth of in-person interactions. 

Onboarding software helps new hires get all the necessary information to carry out their day-to-day tasks from a centralized platform. It gives them the flexibility to learn at their convenience, making the process of onboarding seamless and self-driven.  

2. Reduces Onboarding Costs

Feature-rich onboarding software can save you money as it automates a massive amount of work that needs constant communication. This reduces the need to add more people to your HR team.

Automating the HR processes also minimizes misunderstandings and mistakes, thereby reducing the costs of redoing tasks. In the long run, you get an efficient onboarding process that further helps in reducing the cost of employee turnover.

3. Brings Consistency to the Onboarding Process

When you have many employees, it becomes difficult to improve compliance and maintain a smooth onboarding process. The right onboarding tool can help you standardize the onboarding process so that all employees, regardless of their departments, receive the same quality of training. This ensures a consistent and top-notch onboarding experience. 

4. Increases Employee Productivity 

Productivity takes a toll when new hires have to endure an onboarding process that includes a ton of repetitive and tedious tasks. An employee onboarding tool creates an immersive process with self-service functionality that allows new hires to complete the HR processes even before their date of joining. This results in increased productivity right from the start.

Key Features of Employee Onboarding Software

A whopping 88% of employees feel that companies need to improve their onboarding programs. With the support of the right tools for employee onboarding, you can automate various aspects of the onboarding process and deliver a seamless experience to employees. 

However, choosing the right tool can be a daunting challenge. Here are some key features that the best employee onboarding software should have: 

1. Intuitive Interface

The software should have an intuitive interface with the information presented in a clear way for resistance-free learning. The tool should also be easy to install, set up, and use without any coding knowledge or specialized training.

2. Searchability

The tool should be equipped with a Google-like search system that displays accurate article and page suggestions. High searchability ensures that readers get what they are looking for at the touch of a button.  

3. External Integrations

The best employee onboarding tool seamlessly integrate with third-party software for an outstanding experience. The tool should offer a range of integrations with popular analytics, translation, collaboration, and other such tools.

4. Mobile-Friendly

A mobile-responsive tool helps new hires complete their onboarding process anytime and anywhere. This makes learning easier and helps new hires get acquainted with your organization’s work and culture faster. 

5. Multiple Language Support

Non-English speaking employees will try translating the training material into their native language to interpret the information. An onboarding tool with multi-language support diminishes the scope of misinterpretation. It gives employees the option to translate articles into the language of their choice. 

11 Best Employee Onboarding Software 

A smooth onboarding experience sets a strong foundation for new hires, helping them work confidently from day one. The right tool can strengthen this process, making the overall experience even more amazing. 

Here is the best employee onboarding software list that you can refer to in 2023: 

1. ProProfs Knowledge Base 

ProProfs Knowledge Base -Employee onboarding software

ProProfs Knowledge Base tops the list of employee onboarding tools as it is easy to use and suitable for both technical and non-technical users. It has a user-friendly interface and robust features that you can use to create employee handbooks, training documentation, and wiki software

The tool offers powerful search functionality, rich help authoring, in-depth analytics, and many other employee onboarding features. It is responsive to multiple devices and browsers, promising an excellent experience even when you are on the move. In addition to this, it offers translation in over 90 languages so that employees have no trouble accessing the training material. 

Key Features: 

  • Create employee handbooks and wikis with pre-designed templates
  • Provide quick answers to employees’ questions with Google-like search
  • Translate training content in multiple languages to serve a global workforce
  • Integrate with third-party tools to deliver a superior onboarding experience
  • Keep data secure with private access, and single sign-on

Pricing: Starts at $30/author/month.

2. HR Cloud 

HR Cloud is a popular employee onboarding software

HR Cloud is a popular employee onboarding tool that provides SaaS solutions for HR documentation, team collaboration, etc. Onboard is their flagship employee onboarding solution that focuses on creating a smooth joining experience and attaining full engagement right from day one. 

The tool features personalized workflows and automated portals that consist of welcome messages, custom e-forms, instructional content, videos, and other important documents.

Key Features:

  • Utilize e-sign and e-forms functionality for faster onboarding
  • Leave no room for onboarding errors with process automation
  • Connect easily with payroll and HRIS using app integrations
  • Stay updated about the latest user activity with automatic notifications
  • Track the onboarding of new hires through progress reports 

Pricing: Get in touch with the company for a quote. 

3. BambooHR 

BambooHR is a well-known onboarding software

BambooHR is a well-known onboarding software that offers the latest onboarding features along with an easy-to-use interface. You can get your documents e-signed and track applications to offer recruits a swift onboarding process. 

You can use the tool’s in-built templates to get started quickly. The platform is also accessible from any device and offers detailed reports that allow you to make data-driven decisions.

Key Features:

  • Speed up onboarding with e-signature
  • Make strategic decisions with insights from HR reporting
  • Improve productivity with custom workflows
  • Provide anytime, anywhere access to training material
  • Use pre-built templates to quickly create onboarding materials

Pricing: Get in touch with the company for a quote. 

4. WorkBright 

WorkBright, a mobile-first onboarding tool

WorkBright, a mobile-first onboarding tool, allows for a simple, efficient, and completely paper-free onboarding process. The intuitive interface and mobile responsiveness make it easy for employees to complete the onboarding process from anywhere they are.

This tool works best for storing employee data and sending email reminders for updates. You can also integrate the software with various other tools like payroll systems or an HRIS. It is also one of the best employee onboarding software with multi-device utility.

Key Features:

  • Allow employees to complete onboarding from anywhere with a mobile-first platform
  • Secure your data with 256-bit AES encryption & unique master key
  • Speed up onboarding with process automation
  • Track onboarding progress with advanced reporting
  • Improve usability with third-party integrations

Pricing: Starts at $178/month.

5. ClearCompany

ClearCompany is well known for its user-friendly employee onboarding software

ClearCompany is well known for its user-friendly employee onboarding software. Designed mainly for businesses of small and medium sizes, the tool offers a clutter-free interface and covers the entire onboarding process from recruiting to training delivery.

The software allows you to track the progress of your recruits in real-time. This information makes it easier to align the next stages of the onboarding process. With ClearCompany, you can integrate effortlessly with HRIS or payroll tools.

Key Features:

  • Launch performance review cycles with pre-built review & best practices templates
  • Keep track of company assets with device & equipment management
  • Allow new hires to complete onboarding from anywhere through the mobile-friendly platform
  • Stay in touch with the entire process through automated notifications
  • Make data transfer effortless with HRIS and payroll integrations

Pricing: Contact the company for a quote.

6. Lessonly 

Lessonly is a simple onboarding tool

Lessonly is a simple onboarding tool that helps you create, track, and share training content with your new hires and easily monitor their progress. It features an easy-to-use interface that helps you get familiar with the tool quickly.

You can create documents in no time with pre-built templates and share them to circulate knowledge. The tool also integrates easily with other third-party platforms like Dropbox and Google Suite. However, Lessonly doesn’t come with core HR capabilities. If employee training is your end goal, then this can be the best employee onboarding software for you.

Key Features:

  • Simplify content creation with pre-built templates
  • Get detailed reports to analyze content performance 
  • Circulate knowledge effortlessly with easy content sharing
  • Use data-driven coaching plans to train your recruits better
  • Connect seamlessly with your favorite third-party tools 

Pricing: Contact the company for a quote.

7. Talmundo

Talmundo-employee onboarding tool

The best thing about Talmundo is its seamless implementation. You can use the tool to program and customize the employee onboarding roadmap in no time. It comes with interactive quizzes and to-do lists and does an excellent job of preserving the human element in a fully digitized process. 

Talmundo has recently added a digital chatbot to its suite of tools to assist new hires with their initial duties. You also get access to useful analytics and insights that can help you improve the onboarding experience of your employees. 

Key Features:

  • Use a digital chatbot to assist new hires in onboarding
  • Analyze employee performance with detailed reports
  • Easily implement company branding with high customizability options
  • Utilize onboarding quizzes to learn about your new hires
  • Seamlessly integrate the platform with the rest of your tool stack

Pricing: Contact the company for a quote.

8. Eddy 

Eddy is a highly intuitive software that makes the onboarding process smooth

Eddy is a highly intuitive software that makes the onboarding process smooth and completely paper-free. With Eddy, you can streamline your HR processes by effortlessly creating, storing, sharing, and getting documents signed. 

This tool is user-friendly and lets you familiarize your new hires by sending them everything they need to know about the onboarding process beforehand. This helps you create a fuss-free onboarding experience for employees.

Key Features:

  • Create a paper-free process with e-signature
  • Keep track of user progress on the onboarding tasks
  • Send pre-onboarding welcome messages 
  • Start content creation immediately with pre-built document templates
  • Make remote onboarding easy with a mobile-friendly platform

Pricing: Starts at $8/user/month.

9. Zenefits 

Zenefits is an online employee onboarding software that lets you manage all your HR processes like recruiting and onboarding from one place. The tool allows you to send job offers, create custom onboarding processes, and run background checks. 

With Zenefits, you can empower your recruits to complete the onboarding process before their first day at work — boosting productivity even before joining. Additionally, to ensure a resistance-free process, the tool syncs all necessary information with payrolls and benefits, thereby ensuring a seamless onboarding process.

Key Features:

  • Use templates to create custom offer letters
  • Integrate with payroll and other third-party tools
  • Discover documents efficiently with a highly searchable platform
  • Conduct user onboarding from any device
  • Modify the process with custom onboarding features

Pricing: Starts at $8/user/month.

10. SageHR

SageHR is an all-in-one employee onboarding tool.

SageHR (previously CakeHR) is an all-in-one employee onboarding tool. The workflow builder of this software lets you create and automate all your onboarding tasks. Its comprehensive reports allow you to view each employee’s onboarding status.

The software comes with many other features like recruitment, leave management, expense tracking, etc. It offers beautifully designed templates that help ease the process of content creation. The tool also supports external integrations for better employee productivity.

Key Features:

  • Automate onboarding tasks with workflow automation
  • Use the interesting templates to quickly initiate content creation
  • Implement a paper-free process with an electronic signature
  • Manage tasks better with workflow builder
  • Improve productivity with Slackbot and other third-party integrations

Pricing: Starts at $7/user/month.

11. Kin

Kin is an ideal employee onboarding tool

Kin is an ideal employee onboarding tool for small businesses that do not have a dedicated team for employee onboarding. The software offers amazing features like secure e-sign, checklists, customizable welcome pages, and more. 

The clean and well-organized user interface makes it easy for new hires to complete onboarding tasks. In addition to this, the external integrations let you effortlessly connect with your favorite tools. Kin is suitable for users with little to no technical knowledge.

Key Features:

  • Offer a resistance-free onboarding process with secure e-sign 
  • Create customizable welcome pages for new hires 
  • Allow recruits to quickly adapt to the tool with a clutter-free design
  • Connect with the rest of your tools with external integrations
  • Track user performance with detailed reporting

Pricing: Starts at $3/user/month. 

Streamline Employee Onboarding by Implementing the Right Tool 

As we already discussed, the best employee onboarding software is mobile-friendly, intuitive, highly customizable, and searchable. It should also offer powerful third-party integrations and multi-lingual support. Having these features will ensure you accomplish what you set out to do. 

Before you make the final decision, jot down all your requirements. Shortlist the tools that best fit your needs. Once you have a few online employee onboarding tools to compare, carefully analyze their features and pricing. 

Finally, you should select the best employee onboarding tool that can be instrumental in solving your new hire onboarding challenges. 


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