What Is ProProfs Knowledge Base & Hotjar Integration?

What Is ProProfs Knowledge Base & Hotjar Integration

ProProfs Knowledge Base integration with Hotjar is a killer combination that helps you keep a close eye on every action your visitors take.

With this robust integration, you can gain visual insights into visitors’ self-service patterns and capture valuable feedback on how they really feel about your knowledge base.

Integrating your knowledge base with Hotjar equips you with powerful tools like heatmaps and session recordings. These tools monitor every single step visitors take on your site, their browsing behavior, and the roadblocks they encounter during the process.

Leverage this power-packed integration to optimize your knowledge base and build delightful self-service experiences.

Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of this integration in detail.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Knowledge Base & Hotjar Integration

Visualize Visitor Behavior

Integrating Hotjar with knowledge base software gives you access to heatmaps that are nothing but a visual representation of every move your visitors make. They help you Identify what content attracts your audience and uncover the elements that get ignored. Moreover, you can analyze visitor behavior before and after releasing an update in your self-service knowledge base.

Record Visitors’ Journey

Add Hotjar to your knowledge base and record every action your visitors take, right from the time they enter to when they finally exit. Watch visitors’ mouse movements, the pages they visit, and the areas where they bounce off. Track rage-clicking to spot problems early on and prevent them from amplifying.

Add Feedback Widgets to Key Pages

Hotjar integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base allows you to capture visitor feedback and decode how they really feel about the whole experience. Get feedback scores on every page and compare them to identify the parts of your knowledge base that need immediate attention.

The robust duo of ProProfs Knowledge Base and Hotjar can bring astounding benefits to the table.

Follow the simple steps in our guide and get started now!

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