You can do so much with Olark Chat by integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base seamlessly with it. Let the magic of ProProfs flow with your favourite app.

What Is Olark Live Chat & Knowledge Base Integration?

Ever wondered what your knowledge base visitors are up to? Olark live chat gives you updates on who is browsing your knowledge base, their location, the pages they are viewing, and more. Reach out to customers the moment they get confused. Win their hearts and drive more sales by helping them instantly.

Features & Benefits of Olark Live Chat & Knowledge Base Integration
  • Monitor Customers in Real-Time

    Olark Live Chat and ProProfs Knowledge Base integration helps your agents track customers’ activities, identify their location, and monitor what they are doing in your knowledge base. Based on this information, they can approach customers at the right time and offer the right help.

  • Help Customers in Their Own Browser Window

    End the confusion by showing customers where to find the right information. Olark Live Chat’s co-browsing feature lets your agents see the customers’ screen, control their browser, and direct them to relevant knowledge base articles.

  • Bring Down Your Support Tickets

    Initiate conversations with customers at the right time and resolve any questions they may have. Reduce the chances of customers raising tickets to a large extent by providing them instant and effective help, right when they need it.

Integrate ProProfs Knowledge Base with Olark Live Chat in a few steps. Our integration guide provides a detailed explanation of how to go about it.

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