You can do so much with SnapEngage by integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base seamlessly with it. Let the magic of ProProfs flow with your favourite app.

What Is SnapEngage & Knowledge Base Integration?

SnapEngage and ProProfs Knowledge Base integration empowers your agents to answer customer questions instantly. It also allows agents to guide visitors to your knowledge base articles and encourage them to find detailed answers through self-service. This ensures that customers get what they want immediately and leave your knowledge base with a smile.

Features & Benefits of SnapEngage & Knowledge Base Integration
  • Engage Proactively

    SnapEngage automatically invites your customers to chat, so you don’t have to waste time monitoring unresponsive chats. You and your team can focus on only those visitors who have issues and want to get them addressed.

  • Co-Browsing

    Instead of explaining to customers where they can find the right answer in your knowledge base, agents can simply direct their web browser to the page they’ve been looking for.

  • Monitor Customer Browsing Behavior

    SnapEngage and ProProfs Knowledge Base integration helps you monitor customers’ location, IP addresses, the pages they are viewing in your knowledge base, time spent on each page, etc. Agents can leverage this information to provide customers with a better support experience.

  • Collect Feedback & Capture Leads

    Allow your knowledge base visitors to fill the feedback form even when your agents are offline. Agents can access the feedback from the chat dashboard. This feedback can be used to reach out to prospects and convert them.

Integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base with SnapEngage is a matter of a few simple clicks. Visit our guide to understand the process.

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