You can do so much with Tidio Chat by integrating ProProfs Knowledge Base seamlessly with it. Let the magic of ProProfs flow with your favourite app.

What Is Tidio Chat & Knowledge Base Integration?

ProProfs Knowledge Base and Tidio Chat integration provides an easy and effective way to connect with your customers in real-time and answer all their questions in a flash. As an intuitive live-chat solution, Tidio Chat meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers in a simple and friendly manner.

Features & Benefits of Tidio Chat & Knowledge Base Integration
  • Collect Feedback Even When Agents Are Offline

    Allow customers to send a message even when agents are offline. Agents can respond to the messages once they come online.

  • Direct Your Customers to Relevant Knowledge Base Articles

    Agents can share relevant self-service articles with customers while resolving their questions via chat. This will ensure that customer issues are resolved at the earliest.

  • Track Your Customers

    Tidio Chat and ProProfs Knowledge Base integration helps you track your website visitors, identify their location, the time they spend in your knowledge base, the pages they are viewing, etc. These details help your agents reach out to customers proactively, understand their issues, and give accurate responses.

  • Know What Your Customers Are About to Ask

    This powerful integration allows agents to see what customers are typing before they click the send button. This helps them to be prepared in advance and answer customer questions accurately.

Learn about the process to integrate ProProfs Knowledge Base with Tidio Chat in our detailed integration guide.

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