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What is a Customer Service Help Center?

A customer service help center is a self-service platform that enables customers to find quick solutions to their problems on their own. Searchable and well-structured, help centers have detailed articles on a variety of topics, explained using a rich blend of text, images, and videos. They are easy to navigate and can be accessed 24x7, empowering customers to get the help they need anytime, anywhere.

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What Can a Customer Service Help Center Do for You?

Organizations having a well-managed customer service help center can reap the following benefits:
Reduce Support Tickets
Reduce Support Tickets

A customer service help center significantly reduces the need to raise tickets for common issues that can be dealt by customers themselves. With valuable help content available in just a click, problem-solving becomes a breeze and the volume of tickets reaching your agents drops down.

Help Agents Work Better

Managing the avalanche of tickets every single day is nothing less than a nightmare. What’s worse is attending to the same queries again and again. With a customer service help center, customers can solve basic problems on their own, leaving agents with ample time and energy to give full attention to critical issues that need human assistance.

Help Agents Work Better
24x7 Self-Service Support
24x7 Self-Service Support

Customers crave convenience, and a help center provides them just that. Since a customer service help center is completely cloud-based, your customers from across the globe can access it anytime they want. This means help is always available when customers need it, whether at 10 in the night or 8 in the morning.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

A keyword-rich, information-packed, and search engine-optimized help center is the key to winning Google’s heart. Google can easily crawl through such a help center and display it in the top search results based on its quality and relevance. This ultimately generates more traffic, giving current and future customers more exposure to your help center.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

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What to Include in a Customer Service Help Center?

A customer service help center includes information across a wide array of topics on which customers regularly need help. The information can be presented in formats such as:


About This Template

The customer service help center template by ProProfs is diligently designed to accommodate a large amount of content and make the process of content authoring fuss-free. Fully customizable and beautifully structured, this template comes with a table of contents, topic categories, and subsections to help you get started right away.

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Create a Stellar Customer Service Help Center in 5 Easy Steps

Setting up a customer service help center takes time and effort, but once it is ready, everything seems worth it. Follow these steps to get your help center ready to roll:

Step 1: Set a Goal

Before launching the help center, think of what you want to achieve with it? Do you hope to reduce your support tickets, or your goal is to improve customer engagement with self-service? Put some thought into what your objective is, and then kick start the process.

Step 2: Choose the topics

Deciding what to add to your help center can be an overwhelming task. The ideal approach is to cover all the basics first and then move on to complicated topics. Go through previous support tickets and frequently asked questions to identify the topics that should be added to the help center.

Step 3: Decide the Structure & Flow

Keep the structure simple and straightforward to accommodate all necessary information without making the help center look loaded. Move in chronological order by explaining the easiest things first and then drilling into the details.

Step 4: Write the Content

It’s finally time to get going. Once your topics and structure are finalized, pick up a suitable customer service help center template and start creating content. Remember that simplicity is the best ornament your help center can don. So whatever you write should be simple, jargon-free, and easy to follow.

Step 5: Publish

Get the articles reviewed by experts and editors. Once you are sure of the content’s accuracy, publish it with a click across the web and mobile.

How to Use This Template

Our customer service help center template is intelligently designed to make content creation faster and easier. All you got to do is put your brand name and logo and tailor the template to match your brand’s style. The categories and article structure are already set. Just fill in useful information, add images and videos, and your help center will be ready in minutes.

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Best Practices to Build an Impressive Help Center for Customer Support

A good customer service help center can improve your support process by keeping agents productive and customers happier. Follow these practical tips to create a customer service help center that looks and feels great.

Keep it Simple
Keep it Simple

Make your agents’ and customers’ lives easier by creating content that’s simple to read and follow. Add bulleted lists, write short paragraphs, and keep the information to the point. Remember that the more simple your content is, the easier it would be for customers to understand

Enrich Your Help Center
Enrich Your Help Center With Visuals

Show how your products and processes work using visuals. Play with images and videos to add something extra to your help center and make it more engaging to read. Support the written text with visuals to make problem-solving easier for customers.

Give it Your Brand’s Magic Touch
Give it Your Brand’s Magic Touch

Give your help center a design that matches your brand’s styling. Add your company name and logo, appropriate fonts, colors, and themes that align well with your branding. Create a help center that resonates with your brand and connects well with your customers.

Measure & Improve
Measure & Improve Article Performance

Identify your top and worst-performing articles, failed and successful searches. Find what your customers are searching for but not finding the answers to. Accordingly, create new help content, improve existing articles, and always keep your help center up to date for customers.

Use Interlinking
Use Interlinking for Seamless Navigation

Linking related help articles helps customers navigate your help center easily. Allow customers to jump from one page to the other and reach the article they are looking for in just a few clicks. This will save them from the hassle of going through each page to get the information they need.

Focus on the Voice & Tone
Focus on the Voice & Tone

Keep the tone of your articles instructional and friendly. Remember that customers visit your help center when they are frustrated and looking for solutions. Lend a conversational voice and positive tone to articles so that every time customers come to your help center, they have the reassurance that their questions will be answered.

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