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Why build an online customer service help center?

The vast majority (91%) of customers are now willing to utilize online help resources, and 67% of customers say they actually prefer accessing help online compared to calling in, emailing, or otherwise interacting with support staff. This offers a significant opportunity for companies seeking to reduce support costs since online customer service help centers are much more cost-effective than traditional support staff.

Why do customers prefer online customer service help centers?

Customers are very interested in self-service for many reasons, but the main one is convenience and ease of use. An online customer service help center is available 24/7 and on any device, which means that customers can get the help they need when they need it. Every customer has experienced frustrating support calls and unanswered email queries, which makes them even more delighted when they find what they need in an online customer service help center.

How does a customer service help centers cut down on costs?

Staffing knowledgeable and qualified support staff can be a major, expensive undertaking. It can take months to get a support staff member up to speed on all the technical details of your product, and turnover can be high. An online customer service help center doesn’t have to completely replace your support staff, but it can cut down on repetitive questions and reduce the number of tickets simply by making more information available to your customers in your online customer service help center.

How to get started

Our online customer service help center template is laid out so that you can get started immediately. We have created some basic organization so that you can see some of the ways you might organize your customer service help center. The template has a powerful search function built right into the homepage of your customer service help center, which will make it easy for your customers to find what they need with minimal hassle.

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