Online Documentation Template
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Online Documentation Template
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Online Documentation Template
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Online Documentation Template
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What is Online Documentation?

Online documentation is a structured and searchable self-help resource that makes problem-solving easier for customers. It has detailed articles on a variety of topics arranged systematically in a table of contents. With a prominent search bar and interlinked articles, customers can find what they need in seconds.

what is online documentation

Why is Online Documentation Important for Your Business?

Online documentation can bring a bunch of extraordinary benefits to your business. Let’s look at some of them here:
Reduce Your Support Tickets
Reduce Your Support Tickets

Online documentation gives customers the flexibility to solve problems anytime, and from anywhere they are. This makes them self-reliant, at least for basic issues, thereby reducing the number of tickets going to your help desk.

Reduce the Issue Resolution Time

Online documentation can be accessed by your customers as well as agents. With immediate access to information, agents can quickly find answers to customer questions and respond immediately on call and email.

Reduce the Issue Resolution Time
improve support resource efficiency
Improve Your Support Staff’s Efficiency

It’s difficult for agents to focus on critical customer concerns when they are buried under a heap of tickets. Online documentation reduces the ticket volume, helping agents focus on bigger customer problems.

Scales as You Grow

Another remarkable benefit of online documentation is that it scales as your business grows. There is no limit to the amount of information it can hold, so you can keep adding articles on relevant topics as your products develop and customer needs change.

Add more relevant and demanding help articles

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What to Include in Your Online Documentation?

Since online documentation is a self-help resource, it should include everything your customers need to solve problems on their own, such as:
Online documentation template content

About This Template

This online documentation template lays down a solid structure so you can entirely focus on creating good quality content. It comes with a simple design with a dedicated space for your brand name and logo. The best part is that the template is fully customizable and works great on all devices.

About online documentation template

How to Create Online Documentation in 5 Easy Steps

It’s finally time to learn the tricks of creating compelling documentation for your customers. Here are 5 easy steps to get your documentation off the ground:

Step 1: Identify the Topics to be Added

The first step to creating documentation is deciding the topics to be added. Ask your support team about the challenges customers frequently face. Identify high-volume tickets raised by customers. Use this information to create topics for your documentation.

Step 2: Set a Solid Structure

How will your online documentation appear to customers? Which topic should be placed in which category? Ask such questions and create a logical structure for your documentation. The structure-building process gets easier with an online documentation template.

Step 3: Bring Your Team Together

Document creation is a collaborative process where multiple employees come together and bring their unique insights to the table. Create a team and assign specific roles to each individual so that they can work in collaboration to build your documentation.

Step 4: Start Creating Content

Now your team can start creating content. With an online editor, it’s super easy to write, edit, design, as well as publish articles. You can even import Word docs, PDF files, Excel sheets, and presentations to accelerate the process.

Step 5: Add Feedback Forms

Taking customer feedback is something you cannot afford to miss. Before publishing your document, add feedback forms with Yes/No questions and let customers give suggestions on what they liked and what they can be improved.

How to Use This Template

This template for online documentation can help you get started right away. It’s simple design, accompanied by customization options, makes document creation a real breeze. Just add your brand name and logo, rename the categories or use them as they are. Fill each section with useful articles, add visuals, and just like that, you will have your documentation up and running.

How to Use This Template

Best Practices for Creating Online Documentation

Let’s now quickly look at some impeccable tips to take your documentation to the next level:
Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the key to ensuring that customers understand everything you add to your documentation. Avoid long paragraphs and complicated words. Use simple and to the point sentences that are easy to read and understand.

Make the Most of Visuals

The right visuals at the right places can turn your documentation even more impactful. Add images to show how a particular feature or a step in a process looks like. You can even demonstrate how your product works with the help of videos.

Interlink Articles for Easy Navigation

In a comprehensive document with lengthy articles, interlinking is important. When you interlink relevant articles, it gets easier for customers to reach the page they are looking for in just a few clicks.

Keep Updating Your Articles

Content can go obsolete if not updated regularly. With online documentation software, you can track your worst-performing articles and failed searches and even identify opportunities for adding new articles.

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