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Why create online documentation?

Online documentation puts your technical documentation within easy reach of your customers. Searchable online documentation makes it simple for customers to find the information they need to know. Surveys have shown that customers prefer online documentation compared to other forms of documentation because they like being able to serve themselves and browse your resources instead of reaching out for technical support.

How easy is it to put documentation online?

ProProfs makes it easy for you to put your documentation online quickly and easily. Our formatting tools are simple to use and anyone can upload existing documents, images, and videos and add articles. If you have existing documentation you can easily transfer it into our online software and it becomes instantly available and searchable. You can add articles and resources anytime, with no need for complicated coding or software downloads.

Add context-sensitive help to your website

One of the biggest benefits of using ProProfs for your online documentation is that we have context-sensitive help built into our software. That means that as you build articles and resources in your online documentation, you can link it to specific areas of your website for instant on-the-spot help exactly where your clients need it. Context-sensitive help answers your customers’ questions like “What’s this?” and “Why do I need this?” exactly where they need it, without clicking Help or reaching out to your customer support agents.

How to use this online documentation template

We have created an online documentation template that you can easily and quickly transform into fully-customized and branded online documentation for your product. You can add your logo, update the images and content, and get your online documentation live in no time. We have outlined the basic elements of a user guide so all you have to do is replace our placeholder information with your content. If you already have documentation in other formats, it’s easy to transfer your existing content into our structure.

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