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Why create online business documentation?

A carefully-built online business document is all you need to keep your employees up to date on your company history, products and services, mission and vision, different departments and branches, the work you do, the clients you have, your future business plans, and many more things. Keeping your documentation online is important to satisfy the growing needs of the millennial workforce for instant gratification. With web-based documentation, your employees can access information on-the-go and educate themselves about your business anytime and from any device.

What are the best practices in the online business documentation?

Your online business documentation is the face of your business. Hence, it’s got to be rich in information, to make the right impact on your employees. Also, filling in valuable content is good, but you can make your document better by adding images, infographics, videos, and audios. This enhances the interest quotient of the business document, and your employees are more likely to enjoy reading it. Another important aspect of an excellent business document is its packaging. ProProfs facilitates you with smart settings that help you wrap your document in a way that it aligns with your brand guidelines. Use the right font, themes, and designs to create a professional-looking business document.

Make your business document highly-searchable

One of the things that decides whether your business document will click to your employees, is its search functionality. The intelligent search feature by ProProfs gives relevant page, video and article suggestions, giving your employees a seamless search experience. Besides this, you can also include a table of contents and cross-linking to make your online business document searchable for readers. Empower your employees with the ability to find information quickly by providing them with an effective business document.

How to use this template?

Business document template by ProProfs is extremely easy to use. It provides you with a basic outline to start building your documentation. All you have to do is replace the placeholder information with content you wish to include in your document. Author content easily from scratch or upload existing files in the template in a single click. Likewise, you can also add images & videos and include sections and articles in the template easily.

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