Free business documentation template
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Free business documentation template
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Free business documentation template
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Free business documentation template
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What is Business Documentation?

Business documentation is a one-stop platform comprising crucial information related to a company’s offerings, customers, policies, finances, future plans, and a lot more. All this information is organized meticulously across different categories with proper interlinking to ensure seamless navigation. This helps employees get what they need in just a few clicks.

Definition of business documentation

What Can Business Documentation Do for You?

Online business documentation can bring astounding benefits to your business as below.
Make smooth operation with business documentation template
Aids Smooth Business Operations

With all business information and activities stored in a central location, it gets easier for teams to perform processes and stay efficient at work. It reduces confusion and infuses clarity in the workplace, ensuring smooth operations.

Helps in Employee Onboarding

A comprehensive business document explaining the past, present, and future of your business is an asset for new hires. It is like a window through which employees can learn about your company's processes and policies and start contributing towards your long-term goals.

Business documentation template helps to improve employee onboarding
Business documentation allows employees to make well-informed decisions
Safeguards You From Untoward Events

The chances of a business falling apart in untoward events are high when employees do not have access to the right information resources. Business documentation allows employees to make well-informed decisions and prevent situations from worsening.

Improves Employee Productivity & Performance

Business documentation clearly lays down a company’s policies, code of conduct, processes, etc. This enables employees to perform their duties with minimum friction. When employees know what they are supposed to do and how their productivity is bound to increase.

Business documentation template improves employee productivity & performance

What Should You Include in Your Business Documentation?

Ideal business documentation should include:
Business documentation content

About ProProfs Business Documentation Template

ProProfs business documentation template is developed keeping in mind how tedious the process of writing and editing can get. Well-structured and 100% customizable, this template provides a ready-made framework for creating content, taking half the work off your shoulders.

ProProfs Business Documentation Template

How to Create Business Documentation

Get your business documentation off the ground successfully with these 5 steps:
Step 1: Do Your Research

Before beginning with the writing process, it’s good to do some homework. Identify what exactly you would want to document. Dig out all critical company information tucked away in Powerpoint presentations, Google drives, and PDF files.

Step 2: Set up a Structure

Identify the topics you would want to add to your document and set up a structure. Use free business documentation templates to get a ready-made structure and start adding relevant categories. Start with basic topics and then drill down towards the complex ones.

Step 3: Build Your Team

Creating business documentation is not a one-person activity. A team of experienced and knowledgeable people should work collectively to bring your document to life. Identify such people in your company and assign them relevant roles.

Step 4: Start Creating Content

Once you have a dedicated team, start assigning them roles and let them work in collaboration to write and edit content. They can use the online editor to write from scratch or even import content from PDF files and Word docs.

Step 5: Roll it Out

Thoroughly check all articles for any flaws and then hit ‘Publish.’

How to Use Business Documentation Template

Using this business documentation template is a no-brainer. All you have to do is, add your business branding and then straight away start building content in all of the mentioned categories. You can rename the sections or even add more categories if you want. Write or import content, add images and videos, and give the document a decent structure. Your business documentation will be ready to rock!

Use of business documentation template

Best Practices for Creating Business Documentation

Now that you have created your business documentation, how do you take it to the next level? These actionable best practices will tell you how.

Brand Your Documentation

Business documentation should be a true extension of your brand. Give the document an elegant appearance by using appropriate colors, fonts, and themes that match your company branding. Stick to your company’s style guide and build online documentation with a documentation software that is aligned with your brand.

Allow Mobile Access

Let employees access your documentation anytime, and from anywhere they are. That can only happen when the documentation works smoothly on mobile devices. Its content, along with images and videos, should automatically adjust in size and display clearly on mobile screens.

Keep it Relevant & Updated

It’s natural for your business documentation to go stale if you don’t maintain it regularly. Constantly measuring your document’s performance is therefore important. You can keep your document relevant and updated by tracking metrics such as failed searches, top and worst-performing articles.

Make Information Search Easy

The ultimate aim of your business documentation is to equip employees with the right information at the right time. For that, it is essential for your document to be searchable. Ensure that the document has a logical structure, interlinked articles, and a strong search system for effortless content discovery.

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