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SaaS Company Help Center
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SaaS Company Help Center
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SaaS Company Help Center
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What is a SaaS Help Center?

A SaaS company help center is a self-service support system that guides customers on how to use a software product and prepares them to solve problems on their own. This self-help resource has useful information packed in the form of structured articles, how-to videos, and images that help customers understand a software product from scratch and use it effectively.

SaaS help center template definition

What can a SaaS Company Help Center Do for You?

If you are a SaaS business looking for ways to provide top-notch support to your customers, creating a help center is the first thing you need to do. This can bring you a bunch of benefits, such as:

SaaS help center template helps in reducing support tickets
Brings Down Your Support Tickets

If the rising number of support tickets is a matter of concern for your SaaS business, a self-service help center can offer the right solution. Your customers can use this information resource to solve basic problems on their own and contact your support staff only when they encounter complex issues.

Assists in Customer Onboarding

A SaaS help center handholds new customers right from day one and helps them get familiar with your software tool quickly. With Getting Started videos, how-to articles, and step-by-step instructions, a self-service help center gives new customers an easy time learning and using your products.

SaaS help center template helps in customer onboarding
Reduce issue resolution time with SaaS help center template
Reduces the Issue Resolution Time

A SaaS help center is equally helpful for your agents, as it is for your customers. With a ready resource, agents don’t have to spend hours scrambling for information. Whether customers contact you via email, phone call, or text message, agents can use your help center and quickly respond to customers without making them wait for long.

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What Should You Include in Your SaaS Help Center?

A SaaS help center should include all critical information about your software products, such as:
SaaS help center template content

About ProProfs SaaS Help Center Template

This SaaS help center template takes half of the workload off your shoulders. It comes with a ready-made structure comprising a home page, table of contents, and topic-specific sections and sub-sections. As you already have a structure in place, half of your job is already done and you can fully focus on creating top-quality content for your help center.

About ProProfs SaaS help center template

How to Create a SaaS Help Center for Your Customers

Awesome customer support is all about teaching customers how to use your product and solve problems on their own. That’s where a help center can help. These five steps will help you build a stellar help center for your customers:

Step 1: Decide the Topics You Will Cover

Before you start creating a help center, identify the topics that should be added. Consult with your support, product, and sales team to find the questions and problems customers face frequently and accordingly create a list of topics. The topics should cover all information customers need to make optimum use of your product.

Step 2: Build a Structure for Your Help Center

Think of how exactly you would want your help center to look like. Should it have a home page and a table of contents? How will you categorize the topics? This is where SaaS help center templates can be a huge help. They provide you with a ready structure so you simply have to place the topics in the right categories.

Step 3: Involve the Right People in the Writing Process

You would need the right team with the right skills and experience to manage your SaaS help center from start to finish. Identify the subject matter experts from your support, sales, and product team and let them work in collaboration to create content for your help center. This will not only speed up the process but will also guarantee top-quality content.

Step 4: Ask for Feedback

Taking customers’ inputs on how good or bad was their experience of using your help center shows how eager you are to keep them happy. You can add a feedback form after every article, asking, “Was this information helpful?”. You can provide Yes and No as the answer options and a comment box where customers can give detailed feedback.

Step 5: Maintain Your Help Center’s Relevance

A SaaS help center can go obsolete real soon if not updated from time to time. You need to keep a close tab on any developments in your product and update your articles accordingly. Besides, you can also use built-in reports to identify articles that need improvement, find failed searches, knowledge gaps, broken links, and fix them on time.

How to Use This Online SaaS Help Center Template

If you find the task of creating a help center tedious, here is some good news. This free SaaS help center template does all the heavy lifting when it comes to the structure and format, so you are left with just one task - creating stellar content. To start with, you can add your company name and logo. As the template is fully customizable, you can easily change the themes, fonts, and even the color scheme. Keep the categories intact or change them if you want and let your help center take a good shape as you start adding content.

Use of online SaaS help center template

Best Practices for Creating a SaaS Help Center

Creating a help center for your SaaS company is much more than following a few steps. Let’s look at some actionable best practices you can adopt today to take your help center from average to exceptional.

Explain Concepts Using Visuals

Visuals can add a magical touch to your SaaS help center. When you teach something using visual demonstrations, customers are likely to grasp the concepts faster. Every time you explain a concept, feature, or give step-by-step instructions, use the relevant visuals and make learning easier for customers.

Optimize the Content for Search Engines

A help center is of no use if customers can’t find it when they need it. That’s why search engine optimization is so crucial. To do your SEO right, find trending keywords and add them at the right places in your articles. Focus on creating quality, keyword-rich content that search engines can easily crawl.

Keep the Help Center Format Simple

Lengthy paragraphs and complicated sentences will only make customers more confused. For customers to digest the content with minimum effort, you have to focus on how it is presented. Try breaking down large chunks of text into crisp pieces that are easy to grasp. Use bullet points where they fit well and keep the language simple.

Keep Your Help Center on Brand

Remember that branding your SaaS help center is crucial to leave a lasting impact on customers. The help center should reflect your brand and strike the right chords with customers. Try using the appropriate colors, themes, fonts, and styles and make the help center a true extension of your brand.

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