Get started with free website customer help center template
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Get started with free website customer help center template
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Get started with free website customer help center template
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Get started with free website customer help center template
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What is a Website Customer Help Center?

A website customer help center offers a single searchable place for your customers to get all the help they need. It acts as a 24x7 support center comprising critical information in the form of FAQs, how-to videos, tutorials, and detailed guides. With all information neatly structured, customers can find all the answers they need in just a few clicks.

Defining website customer help center

Why is a Website Customer Help Center a Must for Your Business?

With more and more customers preferring self-service platforms to solve problems, creating a help center has become all the more necessary. Here are some of the key benefits you can derive by creating an online help center:

Reduces support tickets with website help center
Reduces Your Support Tickets

A website customer help center can significantly reduce the inflow of tickets going to your help desk. It provides customers with round-the-clock assistance, thereby reducing the need to contact your support agents for simple matters. This prevents customers from raising tickets for issues that a help center can easily solve.

Save Agents’ Precious Time

Most of the time, important customer issues fall through the cracks when agents have a truckload of tickets to manage. With a full-fledged help center, agents are relieved from answering routine questions. They can utilize the time to focus on bigger customer issues that need immediate attention.

Save Agents’ Time with website customer help center
Provide quality support in less time
Provide Quality Support in Less Time

A website help center can also be accessed by your support team. This means they can have all product and service-related information, FAQs, and how-to videos at their fingertips. With such a support system at their disposal, agents are better positioned to provide quality responses while keeping the resolution time to a minimum.

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What to Include in Your Website Customer Help Center

A website help center should cover all possible information that customers may need to solve problems. Here are some of the topics you can add to your help center:

website customer help center content

About ProProfs Website Customer Help Center Template

This website knowledge base template developed by ProProfs is all you need to kick-off the process. The template is carefully designed with all the necessary elements, such as a table of contents, pre-defined sections, and a dedicated space for branding. It offers you a well-designed canvas with all important details in place, so all you have to do is fill it with the necessary content.

About ProProfs Website Customer Help Center Template

How to Create a Website Customer Help Center

Here are 5 simple steps to get your website customer help center up and running:
Step 1: Set Clear Goals

Why do you want to create a website customer help center? Is it because the tickets are getting unmanageable? Or is it because customers are not happy with your support services? Discuss with your support team and identify the goals you wish to achieve with the help center.

Step 2: Involve the Right Employees

Creating a self-service knowledge base requires the collective effort of multiple people. Identify your key knowledge holders and involve them in the process. Assign them suitable roles and responsibilities, such as editor, administrator, and author. This will avoid confusion and help them work in sync with each other.

Step 3: Start Creating Content

Now that you have a dedicated team for the process, it’s time to create content for your help center. Pick up a suitable customer help center template for your website and start writing. You can also import existing word docs, PDF files, excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations to accelerate the process.

Step 4: Review & Publish

As writers create articles, they can pass them on to the editors for the review process. Editors can then review each article thoroughly for any flaws and give the go-ahead for publishing. Ensure that whatever content goes in your help center is free of errors.

Step 5: Measure & Improve

The process doesn’t end after you have published the help center. You also need to measure how your articles are performing and how helpful they are to your customers. With metrics such as top and worst-performing articles, failed searches, and much more, you can keep your help center up-to-date always.

How to Use This Website Customer Help Center Template

Website customer help center templates are super easy to use. You get a ready-made framework, so you can quickly hit the ground running. Add your company’s name and logo, add more categories or rename the existing ones. Start filling each section with useful information. You can also import content from external files and add images and videos to articles. Hit publish when done, and your help center will be ready.

Use of website customer help center template

Best Practices for Creating an Impressive Website Customer Help Center

Let’s look at some top tips to take your help center a notch higher in terms of quality and performance.
Make the Most of Visuals

The right visuals at the right places can bring a significant difference in how impactful your help center is. A good blend of images, videos, and written text helps customers grasp the information quickly. This aids problem-solving and promises a great experience.

Make it Easy to Search & Navigate

Your website help center should have a prominent search bar that functions as fast as Google. Moreover, the articles should be structured logically starting from basic topics and then moving towards more complicated ones. You can also interlink related articles to make navigation easier.

Keep it Mobile-Friendly

Today’s customers are tech-savvy and prefer on-the-go experiences. By keeping your help center mobile-friendly, it will be easier for customers to solve problems whenever and from wherever they are. This will aid your efforts to deliver 24x7 customer support.

Be Simple & Precise

It’s hard to be simple. That’s because simplicity requires a clear thought process and careful use of words. While creating a help center, be as simple and precise as you can. Use to-the-point sentences. Avoid large blocks of text and use bullets wherever necessary.

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