Founded in 2006, 23andMe is a distinguished name in the realm of personal genetics. We are dedicated to helping individuals understand their own genetic information through DNA analysis technologies and web-based interactive tools. We offer an Ancestry and Traits Personal Genetic Service across the globe. The service helps our customers understand who they are and their family history. We follow rigorous quality standards to ensure that reliable, facts-backed, and personalized services are delivered to all our customers. Our saliva-based direct-to-consumer personal genome test was named Invention of the Year by Time magazine in 2008.



Our customer support team needed a dedicated knowledge base that would consist of our guidelines, policies, and training materials that could be accessed through a secure login. The aim was to help our support agents browse and search for the answers they needed when handling inquiries.

We were using Zendesk earlier for support ticket management. However, after evaluating the Zendesk Help Center, we realized that it is not well-equipped to meet our needs. We were in search of a solution for creating procedural documentation where the order of topics and structure is essential. We still wanted to use Zendesk for our support ticket management. That’s why we needed a solution that would integrate with Zendesk and allow our support agents to access the knowledge base from within Zendesk.


ProProfs Knowledge Base provided us an instant solution. The tool is easy to use, and content can be instantly updated and published. With traditional help authoring tools, collaboration can be challenging. Thanks to ProProfs KB, our teams can easily collaborate and simultaneously work on our private knowledge base. The authoring features offered by the software are also very intuitive and user-friendly. That’s why everyone in the team could contribute content easily.

We wanted our knowledge base to be private and only visible to authorized internal people. With ProProfs, only logged-in Zendesk agents can access and view our knowledge base. If a person goes directly to our site without first logging into Zendesk, he or she will not be able to access the documentation. Zendesk handles the authentication part.

ProProfs Knowledge Base integration with Zendesk was quite helpful for our support team. When resolving customer tickets, support agents are now automatically shown relevant help topics that they can use as a reference while responding to customers. Agents can also convert Zendesk support tickets into new help topics with a single click.


ProProfs enabled us to build an information-rich private knowledge base that consists of our standard operating procedures and every other information that our support team needs. We also have links for the most used and most useful pages to make browsing easier for agents.

The fact that ProProfs Knowledge Base works seamlessly with Zendesk made it the right choice for us. We can continue using Zendesk to manage tickets and use ProProfs for our knowledge base. The entire support team can access our private knowledge base anytime, anywhere from within Zendesk.

Our support agents are now able to search for answers quickly and apply them to a ticket without opening another browser window. This empowered our support staff to respond to customer requests quickly and efficiently.

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